PRO-LOK Electronic Laptop Computer Safe

Feb. 1, 2007
Pro-Lok Offers Affordable Protection for Your Laptop

Small personal-sized safes are more popular than ever. These safes are used differently than large safes. In a home or small business, large safes are usually reserved for important papers and documents, jewelry that is worn occasionally, cash on hand, etc. The small personal safe is used for low to medium security protection of items that are used consistently. The imported safe market has filled a void in personal protection. The ability to protect personal items is easier and more affordable than ever before.

The individual items in need of protection have changed over the past few years. In the past, people were most concerned with watches, rings and cash. Today, iPods, cell phones, computer flash drives, digital cameras, PDAs, Blackberrys, prescription medication and laptop computers all should be stored in an easily accessible and somewhat secure environment.

Pro-Lok’s GLSF-15 laptop safe is particularly handy for students in a dorm room. The ability to secure personal items in a locked, bolted-down safe makes extra sense when it’s located in a room with multiple visitors and an often propped-open door.

While larger safes offer a greater level of protection, many people find themselves not taking the time to go to the concealed location, operate the dial combination, open the safe and retrieve their valuables, and likewise fail to return their valuables to the big safe after they’ve been used.

Wouldn’t it be better to have your electronic gadgets located in a small bolted-down personal safe with limited protection than lying out on the counter because you didn’t take the extra effort to return them to the big safe? Likewise with expensive jewelry, cash, etc, some protection is better than no protection. Small personal safes, secured and locked, offer quick and easy access when you need it.


Every locksmith reading this article could make money by selling personal safes. By stocking a small variety in your showroom, you’ll generate interest from every customer standing and waiting for a duplicate key to be cut.

If you don’t display any small safes, don’t expect to sell any!

With a limited amount of square footage, you can display four to six of this type of safe and generate the interest to result in a sale. A minimal investment will provide an item that many locksmiths regard as an impulse item.

Secondly, by offering the bolt-down as an inexpensive optional service, you might gain some added labor profits. Why not offer a “free” home security survey with each bolt-down?

Design a simple tri-fold flyer to insert with each invoice or statement you send to a customer highlighting personal safes as one of your featured items.


Some small personal safes are limited by their interior dimensions. The new PRO-LOK GLSF-15 Laptop safe is designed to fit most notebook and laptop computers including the newer wide-screen models. (Photo 1)

It offers ease of use, an electronic security lock that is programmable from the 12-button keypad with four AA batteries. (Photo 2)

LED indicators on the keypad denote lock status and serve as a low battery warning. In case of complete battery failure, an emergency override key is included. (Photo 3)

The steel body and double-bolt door offers a reasonable level of protection and each safe is shipped with four rubber feet and four bolt-down anchors. (Photo 4) Each safe comes with a soft protective felt floor covering to protect items from scratches.

Interior dimensions are 17 inches wide by 16.75 inches deep by 9.5 inches high. Exterior dimensions are calculated by adding one-quarter inch to each dimension. The safe is not fire rated. (Photo 5)


1. Press the code “1-5-9-A”. This is the factory default code and should always be reset when the safe is first put into use.
2. Observe the green light on the keypad.
3. Turn the black knob to withdraw the bolt (during the five seconds the green light is on). If the green light times out, re-enter the current code.


1. Open the safe door with the current combination.
2. Locate and press the RED reset button on the inside of the safe door. (Photo 6)
3. The yellow light will light on the keypad.
4. Enter a new code (from three to eight digits). The yellow light will flash and beep with each keypad operation.
5. Press the “A” key to set the code and turn off the yellow light.
6. The new code is set. Try the new code to verify proper operation.
7. A new code can be set anytime the door is open and the red reset button is accessible.


1. With the door is open, enter the working code.
2. Press the “B” key, activating the green keypad light.
3. Close the door and turn the black knob.
4. At the end of five seconds the green light will go out and the door is locked.


1. Use a sharp instrument to remove the black cover located between the knob and the keypad. It will snap out and lift off. (Photo 7)
2. With the cover removed, insert the tubular key and turn. (Photo 8)
3. Turn the black knob to withdraw the bolt mechanism.
4. Store you emergency keys in a secure location, not inside the safe.


1. For unsecured use, install the four rubber feet with the screws provided. The safe will be portable and movable at any time.
2. To secure the safe to a floor, shelf, cabinet or other object, align and drill the anchor holes to use the supplied anchors.
3. Four holes are pre-drilled on the safe floor and two additional holes are drilled in the back wall of the safe.
4. Mounting conditions may require alternate or additional anchoring bolts available at your local hardware supplier.


Preventive maintenance will ensure proper operation of the safe at all times. In normal use the batteries will last for months. Replacing them twice a year is recommended. If the batteries ever fail completely, use the over-ride key to access the battery pack on the inside of the safe door. (Photo 9)

Occasional light lubrication of the bolt mechanism with a spray lubricant is also recommended.


PRO-LOK offers four different electronic safes. In addition to the GLSF-15 Laptop Safe, The GLS-08 Small Electronic Safe, GLSF-08S Slotted Small Electronic Safe and GLSF-10 Large Electronic Safe and three cash box sizes are available.

Two fire-resistant safes have recently been added to the product line. The GLSF FC15 is a small fire-resistant chest that can be placed inside a personal safe. The GLSF-FR31 is a larger fire-resistant safe similar in size to the GLSF-10.

All PRO-LOK safes are attractively packaged for impulse sales on your showroom floor. (Photo 10)
Programming and code operation is identical for all electronic safes sold by PRO-LOK. For more information on PRO-LOK safes contact your favorite locksmith distributor or contact PRO-LOK at