ABLOY BEAT removeable shackle padlock

Feb. 24, 2022

Abloy Oy unveiled a removable-shackle version of its keyless, digital padlock. The new lock is the latest addition to the BEAT product family and to ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ digital portfolio for critical infrastructure.

“Connectivity is the keyword in this announcement, as it is the opening step in our expanding keyless product range,” says Simo Pikkarainen, product and software director, ABLOY Critical Infrastructure. “We see a time ahead where various access management solutions – both hardware and software – are increasingly connected. We want to help organizations connect with their more effortless digital future from their current mechanical systems. Further additions to our BEAT range are on their way in the coming months.”

ABLOY USA Critical Infrastructure says the new version will be available in the United States.

All products in the BEAT range are designed particularly for physical protection of critical infrastructure, businesses and industry sites. The solution is intended to be used in sectors like telecom, transportation, water and energy.

Padlocks that have a removable shackle typically are necessary in gate frames and hasps. For example, truck trailers typically have various hasp locking solutions. In these settings, the padlock often is protected behind a more robust, fixed fitting, for example, welded to a supporting structure.

Similarly, in places requiring special security, locks are often also hidden from view. This can be done, for example, by fitting a padlock that has a removable shackle in a groove in a cabinet door frame or under a manhole cover.

In the above cases, when operating the lock, the shackle cannot be turned as in a conventional padlock. Instead, for such use cases, a padlock, from which the shackle can be detached by pulling it perpendicularly away from the lock body, is more suitable.

The new padlock is operated with the BEAT mobile app, which provides a digital key. Access rights can be managed through CIPE Manager, ASSA ABLOY’s access management solution for critical infrastructure. The locks also can be integrated with third-party systems or added to the customer’s existing workflow thanks to application programming interfaces (API).

The padlock, which features a case-hardened steel body, is designed to perform in harsh environments and remote areas. It has IP66 and IP68 protection ratings.

The padlock is available with 1- or 2-inch-long removable shackles.

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