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Dec. 24, 2012
Most Home Automation Systems require specific components and are not universally compatible

With the development of the electronic deadbolt and entry locks, home automation is starting to become a desired standard. People like having the ability to control their world by the touch of a button or display. Unlocking or checking to be sure the door was locked when you left along with notification capabilities provide an additional layer of security.

There are optional features for controlling lights, appliances and temperature. Lets not forget video surveillance to keep on eye on your bird, cat or dog to finally know what they do all day while you are at work.

However, this market is in development. A number of companies are entering the home automation market bringing their own vision and related products. Most companies and organizations are trying to control the Market by attempting to place limitations on exposure and sales opportunities.

There is no "agreed upon" standard. Most companies have their proprietary command operating system designed to work with ZigBee, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi connection, restricting products to each company or group.

However, like the history of VCR's beta and VHS competed, in the final outcome VHS was the successor, only to be replaced by a newer incarnation the DVD player, whose existence is now being strongly challenged by Streaming Video.

There is at least one new major player that has introduced a home automation system that is supposed to integrate with any home automation device that operate on any one of the three listed standards.

As always, your thoughts are appreciated.