Selling Yourself

July 23, 2012
Build business through personal interaction the easy way

As Kanga and I were going for our morning walk, we stopped before the sidewalk to not interrupt a man who was walking. After he passed, we began our walk in the same direction but at a somewhat slower pace in order to satisfy her K9 obligations.

The man had stopped at the rear of a box truck, covered with water heater service and installation signage. The work was professional and there was even a water heater man logo. As we came up to and past him, there was no interaction.

I wondered why the man did not just say "good morning". Who knows what might have developed from there. I could have had problems with my water heater and he could have possibly made a sale or offered an inspection.

 From my experience, it has never been easy to develop a new customer. The response from mail and hand delivered advertisements is almost not worth the effort. Cold calling is easier said than done.

There is no cost to saying "good morning" or if that is too much, try "hello", it just might create an opportunity.