ziptide May 2020

May 4, 2020

Motorcycle Q&A

Q: I had a customer bring me an ignition switch for an older Honda Shadow motorcycle. The code clearly stamped on it reads 1SIC25. CodesExpress doesn’t have a match, and I also tried other code programs. Would you have any suggestions as to where to look for the cuts?

A: Honda cycles usually have a group of code numbers. Use the last three digits to determine the code. The code should be C25. Because you did that, the only other thing could be the key blank. Old Honda cycles back in the early 1980s used a short key blade. Later Honda cycles used the same code and spacing, but the distance from the bow to the shoulder stop is much longer. It’s possible that you made the right key, but the blade is being stopped before the key hits the shoulder stop. Check a key catalog for a longer key blank.

Q: I have seen only a few Royal Enfield motorcycles. Previous ones used a Honda X84/X138 key blank. This one is different. I have attached a copy of an original key and was wondering if you could compare this blank and code to the codes used for the Harley Street and Kawasaki 250. (I found recently the series is used on the Kawasaki 350 also.) Both of those bikes and the Royal are products of India. The question is: Does the bitting for 8386 match either 1386 or 2386. I have not seen an entire Royal Enfield and do not know if the locks are made by Minda.

A: We found pictures of Royal Enfield keys in a Silca/Minda key catalog from India. Minda blank numbers are T9011 and T9001, but that number can’t be found in any Silca catalogs, only in the Minda catalog from India. Royal Enfield uses two different reverse-blade blanks. Most similar cycle blanks are 0.295 inches in width, while the Royal Enfield blanks are 0.315 inches in width. Thanks for including the measurements in your email. Our only current suggestion is to use Ilco X90 and X91 blanks even though they are only 0.295 inches wide. Royal Enfield key-code series don’t match Harley or Kawasaki codes.  

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