Corporate Profile: HPC / Hudson Lock

June 24, 2019

Wait! Don’t ignore this Bio!

Another year, another bio. These bios all start the same. I tell you how HPC started in 1956 and was a pioneer in Locksmithing or how Hudson Lock and ESP have been around since the early ’60s. OK, done.

But a lot of exciting things have happened recently. I’ll get to that in a second.

If you’re reading this, you’re a small-business owner or maybe you work for one. Either way, you’re trying to make a profit while serving the security demands of your customers. You don’t really care about how long we’ve been around. All you care about is, “Are your tools and products reliable?” “Will they work when and where I want them to?”

The short answer is, “Yes!”

Think about it: Locksmiths have depended on our key machines, key cabinets, locks, keys and tools longer than a lot of us have been alive. Look around your shop or vehicle. Chances are pretty good that you have some HPC products within your reach. That’s the greatest testimonial that you could ask for. You already use one of our products, and your dad or mentor probably used one or more, too.

OK, now to the new stuff, the exciting stuff, the products that are going to save you time, keep customers and help you earn more money.

We introduced a set of re-engineered car-opening tools. These “handy” tools include the Gold Finger, the Green Thumb, the Big Pinky and the Light Finger. Grab one today!

These Pick Sets are designed around your personality! Picks are the tools of your trade, and many say HPC makes the best picks in the industry! Thank you.

Now you can get the same quality picks that you expect in exciting new colors and materials and matching cases that will bring out the renegade in you.

Lastly, for now, is the TigerSHARK2, the most anticipated key machine in our offering. You can cut high-security automotive, all of your standard and angle-cut keys. Plus, with some affordable adapters, you can cut tubular, Tibbe and dimple keys and even engrave. Check out our videos at I’d tell you more, but I’m out of room.

Let us know how we’re doing and what we could do better. The next time that you look for a new key machine, a KeKab, software, that special tool or utility locks, we hope that you think of us first.

Thank you for picking HPC, Hudson Lock and ESP as some of the products that you go to market with. We’re proud of our people and the products that we make. We hope they serve you well.