Ziptide, July 2018

July 2, 2018

Questions and Answers

Does anyone still sell Lori JD key blanks and cylinders?

--John Johnson

Lori Lock went out of business at least twenty five years ago. Some Lori products were purchased by Ilco Unican, now Kaba-Ilco.  For any available Lori information contact Kaba-Ilco at: [email protected] or 800-334-1381.

Desk Lock Code Series

In a past issue of your magazine, I remember you showed a list of code series for desk and cabinet locks along with the master key, cuts and blank number for each series. I would like to know which year and month or which issue that would have been in if possible. Thank you.

--Tom Devaney

That article was in the July 2009 LL issue, page 58. It is also available online on our website at In fact, under the Magazine tab at, you can find all articles from the past 10 years.

Codes by VIN?

I would like to know more about Codes Express? Can I get auto codes with VIN numbers. The auto codes are so hard to source. I’m not sure where to start; it’s sure not like back in the old days.

--Cherry via emial

Auto key codes are rarely printed anywhere on vehicles today as you already know. Unfortunately Locksmith Ledger does not have information which can connect a VIN number to a key code.  CodesExpress does contain key cut information for over 4500 code series covering vehicles and utility locks such as cabinets, desks, RV locks, etc. However, you must first know the code number.  If you are interested in CodesExpress please contact me again and I will provide full particulars or visit

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