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July 2, 2018

Twenty Years Ago

Hubert Curry reported on BarLOC brand padlocks made by Chicago Lock. D.W. Dowless introduced the new 457 Magnum Pro drill rig from Lockmasters. Brian Lamb described a Lockmasters safe opening tool called Mad Mikes Manipulator. Jan Fitzpatrick testd a Hawkeye Precision Borescope. Gale Johnson tested the Ilco RW2 programming tool which could be used for cloning various GM, Honda, Acura, Porsche, Jaguar and Mazda keys. A transponder reference chart, short by today's standards, showed all cars using transponder keys and was printed on one page. Tom Thill showed lock servicing procedures for a Nissan Maxima. Gale Johnson installed an access control system by Intellikey. Jerry Levine used an installation jig made by Major Mfg. to install a Baldwin mortise lockset. Locksmith Ledger published a position paper by ALOA stating their support for state locksmith licensing laws. According to the present ALOA website, during the last 20 years a minority of 15 states have instituted locksmith licensing. Jerry Levine offered suggestions on how to make you lock shop customer friendly. Milt Wolferseder showed how to service an antique iron Mosler safe.

Ten Years Ago

Airport security was the monthly topic. Tom Gillespie described possible airport security opportunities for increasing security. Rich Franken provided installation instructions for a Sargent 80 series exit device. Jerry Levine listed available new automotive key blanks. Jerry Levine also reported on "less chip" key blanks designed to replace worn out key blades while accepting old but still operating transponder chips. Hubert Curry tested the Mini-Groove laser key duplicator by HPC. Gale Johnson reported on a sturdy new version of the Falcon "T" series lever lock. Jerry Levine listed the variety of keying kits availabe from Auto Security Products for high security lock servicing. Tim O'Leary suggested entering the alarm market by using the Napco Freedom system. Tin O'Leary also suggested ways to customize access control systems to match customer requirements. Steve Young offered part II of a series on servicing Buick Lucerne vehicle locks. HID was the subject of a business success article on how a law office was secured.

MMF Cash Drawer Keys & Codes

MMF point of sale (POS) cash drawers use a 7550-7599 code series. An Ilco NE10 / JMA BH-1 key blank can be used for duplication. This is a six wafer lock. The sixth wafer is supported by the key tip. When duplicating, follow the exact tip contour of the original key. The shoulder of the NE10 blank must also be narrowed to a .310 height by grinding or filing. When fitting keys, the shoulder must still be narrowed but the key blank can be left at full length.

Spacing for key fitting: 126-224-323-421-520-618-717.

Depths: 1-260, 2-236, 3-212, 4-189, 5-165.

When key fitting, precut a blank to depth 3/6th space and depth 5/7th space (common cuts for all keys codes). All MMF POS keys observed so far use a cut depth mixture of either 1 or 4 depths. Disassembly not recommended. An internal return spring is not easily re-wound.