Corporate Profile: LAB

July 2, 2018
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Born on American pride and craftsmanship, Mr. Robert A. Labbe started LAB in 1956. The purpose, to provide the finest quality lock tumbler pins and pin kits to the locksmith trade and lock manufactures.

Mr. Labbe and his team have made LAB the single largest company in the world dedicated to the manufacturing of lock tumbler pins. Mr. Labbe has done this through his hard work, innovative design and craftsmanship. He has also built a team of dedicated LAB employees, LAB Sales Representatives, and a network of the finest Security Hardware Distributors in the industry today.

Lab provides precision lock tumbler pins, pin kits and LAB tools to over 30 of the largest lock manufactures worldwide.

In today’s economy value and quality mean something. At LAB we stand by the fact that we can produce an American made product of unrivaled quality and be able to pass it on at a fair value.

Mr. Labbe’s ability to design and refine standard machine operations gave birth to what is the foundation of LAB today. The dedication to quality and the commitment to provide fine American made products for the locksmith trade and lock manufactures will take LAB into the next 60 years.