Back Page, October 2017

Oct. 2, 2017

Twenty Years Ago

Tom Seroogy described how Huf is moving into sales of locks to USA car manufacturers. Tom Gillespie, Pro-Lok, showed opening procedures for Mitsubishi Monteros. Fred Kosloske, Strattec, updated readers on new Strattec locks being installed on 1998 vehicles. Aaron Fish wrote an impasssioned plea for unity in his State of the Industry article. Tom Nazziola installed a Simplex C9600 cabinet lock. Bill Neff introduced readers to the Ilco M1000 electronic door lock. Brian Lamb showed servicing techniques for the AMSEC ESL10 electronic safe lock. Brian Lamb also visited the Lockmasters educational center in Kentucky. Jerry Levine provided an overview of available decorative hardware. Gale Johnson visited booths at ALOA 1997 in Reno, Nevada. Gale Johnson tested the FRA-2001 automated code machine by Framon. Wynn Kessler reported on changes in the California locksmith contractors license. Phil Perry suggested several companies involved in the check guarantee industry. John Grist visited the Indianapolis Lock Collectors show. Jerry Levine reported on the features of a Schlage B360 deadbolt. Jerry Levine also discovered a Smart Pac II line controller by HES. Louis George provided ideas on servicing concealed door closers. Milt Wolferseder showed how to service some imported safes.

Ten Years Ago

Rod Oden offered suggestions on building and fire codes. Schlage Lock introduced their newly redesigned B500 deadbolt lock. Jerry Levine outlined the features of a Dorma Grade 1 D800 series deadbolt lock. A new NFPA 80 ruling offers an opportunity for locksmiths to become fire door inspectors. Gale Johnson attended a class to learn about certification for drilling raceways. Steve Kaufman interviewed a young locksmith in our 30 under 30 series. Tim O’Leary discovered intercom hardware by Viking Electronics. Jerry Levine installed a Rytan ePASS standalone electronic lockset. Bryan Sanderford, Dortronics Systems, suggested the Dortronics EZ-Accesss card reader product. Bob Cronk, Select Products, showed techniques for installing a continuous hinge. Tim O’Leary provided reasons for becoming an electronic locksmith. Gale Johnson reported on the Hotwire system by Keyless Ride. John Nassour gave readers the first look at the Kwikset Smartkey lock system. Joey Dalessio suggested Marks USA 145 series cylindrical deadlatches. 2005+ Hino truck code series 73000-73999 were published.

Weatherguard Solution

Many new motorcycle lock systems use a tip stop for gas and helmet locks and a shoulder stop for the ignition lock. This requires aftermarket key manufacturers to produce blanks with the same accurate original dimensions from shoulder to tip or duplicates may not operate all of the locks on a cycle.

Weatherguard tool box locks using the code series K750-K799 have a similar problem. While original keys have a definite shoulder, the key actually stops on the tip. Several key blanks can fit into the plug but the only blank found to have correct .775 dimensions from tip to shoulder is an Ilco 1678 blank.

Spacing dimensions from the shoulder are: 224/323/421/520/618.

Depths are 1)276 2) 246 3) 217.

If a substitute blank is being used for duplication then tip gauge the substitute blank in your duplicator machine.