Back Page, September 2017

Sept. 4, 2017


An editorial suggests depending on Yellow Page advertising. A lot has changed in 20 years. Locksmith Daniel Kern warned of servicing commercial doors and safe doors which may be filled with dangerous asbestos. Jerry Levine reported on the Detex ECL 600 emergency egress deadbolt. Hugh Curry described the Thru-Bolt jig for installing Schlage lever sets. Hugh Curry also showed how to install a Marks USA lever lock. Jerry Levine installed a Schlage Rhodes electrified lever lock. William McGinty, Security Door Controls, described uses for delayed egress hardware. Locksmith Richard Formica showed helpful methods for servicing locks and fitting keys to a Land Rover Discovery. Writer Louis George provided a primer on choosing the correct replacement door. Locksmith Tom Thill found a new way to unlock a Range Rover 4.0 ‑ not easy. Writer Bob Psolka reported on the Silca Markar 2000 for engraving key bows. Tom Gillespie demonstrated how to unlock a '98 Chevrolet Malibu using Pro-Lok tools. Jerry Levine interviewed Dick Brandon concerning the history of Auto Security Products. Tim O'Leary offered an Access Control survey form filled with all possible access control functions. Louis George offered part II of masterkeying using builders hardware nomenclature. Milt Wolferseder reported on an old Cincy safe lock. Locksmith John Grist explained how to do safe deposit matchwork.


Writer Rod Oden offered some helpful advice on setting up a video cameras and pairing them with a standalone DVR. Tim O'Leary suggested plug-and-play video systems as a simple way to enter the CCTV field. Hugh Curry reported on which cable connections are required when installing CCTV cameras. Tim O'Leary tested the Speco DVR-TN digital video recorders. Locksmith Ledger listed several companies who were offering CCTV training. Jerry Levine reported on the Ultraline 7400 series electric strike from Adams Rite. Tom Gillespie provided an overview of several new electric strikes by HES. An article on new electric strikes by effeff showed their unique design which required no alteration of the door frame. Steve Young demonstrated the use of Kobra Readers to simplify automotive key fitting. Jerry Levine tested the Kaba-Ilco TKO transponder key originator. Jerry Levine also tested the Codeseeker programming tool by Strattec. Tim O'Leary picked some favorite products from the Security Industry product showcase

Yamaha R3 Information

Yanaha introducecd a new, non-transponder lock system for their 2015+ R3 cycles. Jet Hardware is the only manufacturer to offer M65-NP, the correct key blank for the R3. This is an 8-cut key using 3 depths.

Spacing is: 2880, 378, 476, 575, 673,772,870, 969.

Depths are: 1)307, 2)276, 3)244.

Tip-stop keying is used in the seat and gas cap locks. Shoulder stop keying is used in the ignition lock.

Gas cap locks use spaces 4-8.

Seat locks use spaces 3-7.

Ignition locks use spaces 1-8.

No code information is available at this time.

Key fitting: Pick open the seat lock and determine space 3-7 cuts. Progress space 8 in gas cap lock. Use progression for fitting spaces 1 & 2 in the ignition lock.

First trial key cuts: 11,12,13,23,33.

Second trial key cuts: 21,22,32.

Last possible cuts for spaces 1&2: 31.