Corporate Profile: Keyline USA

July 3, 2017

A Family Owned Business with a Global Presence

The Bianchi name is still widely recognized in this industry, even though the Bianchi USA name officially transitioned to Keyline USA in 2013. The Bianchi family’s 240 year tradition in the key business carries on with a state of the art production facility in Northern Italy, a global distribution channel and constant investment in quality and innovative products for the security market.

The US distribution, Keyline USA, is based out of Cleveland, Ohio where we supply the best distributors in the North American locksmith market with our line of key machines, transponder cloning equipment and Keyline branded keys so we can service the locksmiths and security dealers who use our products every day.

Think New

Keyline branded products have been synonymous with quality and innovation since their North American introduction in 2003. Our internal motto is “Think New” as we are continuously working to enhance our existing product line and bring new, innovative products to the market, while offering the best technical and customer support available in the industry. Several revolutionary new products have been released recently, including cloning equipment, software and key machines.

Key Machines & Key Reader

The staples of our mechanical key machine duplicators include the heavy duty Meta 106 Semi-Automatic, 303 High Security, Punto High Security and the Easy machine. Keyline also offers some specialty key machines including the Falcon for Tibbe keys and the Arcadia for Tubular keys. The newest high security, dimple and tubular key duplicator, T-Rex and T-Rex Advance will be released soon.

Keyline’s electronic key machine line is considered the one of the best performing in the industry and has seen several exciting additions. The 994 Laser continues to be a popular code cutting machine for automotive locksmiths that need a reliable machine for high security automotive keys. 2015 saw the introduction of the Ninja Laser, a dual machine for high security and edge cut keys and the Ninja Vortex, for high security and dimple keys and key head engraving.  2017 saw the release of the Ninja Total, for high security, edge cut and dimple keys. Last, the highly anticipated Camillo Bianchi Reader, for identifying single and double sided edge cut and dimple key profiles.

Leader in Cloning Innovation

The 884 Mini was introduced in 2015 as a lower cost entry into cloning and offers a portable and very affordable cloning solution. The 884 Decryptor Ultegra is also available for those that prefer a stand-alone option. Both the 884 Mini and the 884 Decryptor Ultegra are now capable of using not only our traditional 2-piece modular clonable keys, but also with our GK100, GKM and CKG clonable chips and Pod Keys for a more OEM looking key.

The biggest innovations in Keyline cloning came in February 2016 with the release of the Megamos® cloning software upgrade for ID48 chips and in 2017 with the release of the first 80-bit clonable solution for Toyota ‘G’ keys. In addition, the Bluetooth & Battery Pack for the 884 Mini is now available, which further increases the portability plus the option to clone via Bluetooth for iOS and Android systems. The TKM.Xtreme and TKG.Kit are available for both the 884 Mini and the 884 Decryptor Ultegra cloning tools. The Bluetooth & Battery Pack is available exclusively for the 884 Mini. 

Keyline USA

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