Back Page, November 2016

Nov. 1, 2016

Twenty Years Ago

Special purpose locks were featured in the November, 1996 issue. Jerry Levine reported on the Tuflock  hinged padlock for added protection on truck bodies. Conversion instructions for changing  a Detex 230 exit control from 6 volt to 9 volt system were explained.  Locksmith Tom Gillespie used Pro-Lok tools to unlock Ford and Lincoln vehicles.   Jack Buzard, Adams Rite, explained the installation of an Adams Rite top-rod-only exit device.  Louis George described basics terms of access control.  Ed Hite had a many servicing suggestions for locksmiths from how to keep warm  during those long winter months to using the correct tool to do the job. Fred Wessells advocated the sales and servicing of telephone/video entry systems. Milt Wolferseder offered some historical facts on identifying the manufacturer of older safe cabinets.  A new Locksmith Publishing website called 'Simon' was introduced. The Greater Philadelphia Locksmith Association presented Gerry Finch with the Philadelphia Award in 1996. Tom Thill explained how readers could shape their own bypass tool to quickly unlock many Neon trunk locks without damage. Locksmith Ken Holmlund provided some pointers on profitably managing your inventory.

Ten Years Ago

Ilco introduced their TKO 2nd generation automotive programming tool. Jerry Levine reported on the Advanced Diagnostics AD30 transponder coil detector. Within a few years Ilco became part of Kaba, Dorma and Kaba merged and Advanced Diagnostics was purchased by the Dorma-Kaba group. Gale Johnson provided a comparison listing of code card numbers made by Ilco and HPC.  Bill Neff wrote an article which described a new programming tool called Genie which could program cars with unusual transponder systems such as BMW, Mercedes and Range Rover. Tom Gillespie suggested boosting sales by adding impluse items in your showroom.  Jerry Levine installs a Baldwin Ashton two-point lockset. Tim O'Leary reported on the narrow stile Trilogy lockset by Alarm Lock. Tim O'Leary also offered some opinions on power supplies. Gale Johnson explained home standard pin tumbler locks are susceptible to bumping.  Dorma introduced their new SKC system for key control.  Jerry Levine wrote an extensive cross reference listing for transponder keys.  The first part of a Hyundai F0001-F2500 code series was printed.  

Honda Magnetic Key

2012+ Honda Metropolitan and PCX scooters are using a  magnetically-operated shutter to cover the ignition keyway.  Riders must first insert the head of the key into a slot and rotate the keyhead to uncover the ignition keyway.  Keys with the correct magnet configuration must be ordered by VIN number from a Honda cycle dealer. 

Aftermarket key blanks without magnets may be used if your customer agrees to leave the shutter open at all times. Known aftermarket blanks are: Ilco HON68BP-SI and HON68RBP-SI or JMA HOND-29.P or HOND-2D.P.  Depths and spaces are identical to H74/H75 dimensions but a new "T" code series is being used.