Access Control Quiz (Answers To Come)

March 11, 2014

It has been several years since we published a quiz, and these days, where new technology abounds, and most locksmiths face regulation and training requirements, we felt offering our readers a little mental stimulation would be of value.

Here is a brief quiz based on several of my recent articles in The Locksmith Ledger. The hope is that when you read an article, you’ll do some independent study and round out your knowledge on a topic, or even better, you use the products and technologies in your work, and gain familiarity that way.

There are some trick questions, meaning that you need to read the questions carefully and have some basic knowledge of the topic. Good Luck!

1. Which of the following is not a standard for rating high security locks, bolts or latches?

a- UL 437

b- ANSI/BHMA A156.


d-NEC Article 800

2. High Security lock designation implies:

a-the lock cylinder is pick resistant

b-the lock is designed to withstand forced entry

c-the key blanks required to make a copy are not available in homecenters or hardware stores

d-No other lock in the world has the same key blank

e-the lock is professionally installed by a trained locksmith

3. Which is (are) not a type(s) of patent?

a-Design Patent



d-Utility Pa

e-Patent Pending

4. True or False: When using high security locks, key management is not required

5. Achieving different levels of security within a facility can be achieved with:

a- multiple designs of keys/keyways

b- adding more locks to a door

c- providing hard-wired network based electronic access control

d- using video surveillance

6. If a keyway is protected by a patent .Which of the following may be true?

a- keys may not be readily duplicated

b- keys are permanently protected from unauthorized duplication

c- locks may not be readily manipulated

d- the door may not be readily forced

7. True or False: Mechanical and electronic measures should not be combined to provide security for a site.

8. Select the statement about electronic standalone locks which is false:

a-They can be installed without having to run wires, although some units permit wiring for power and other functions

b- Standard models provide free egress as per most Building and Life Safety Codes.

c- They are designed to retrofit onto existing lock preps or for new installations

d- Accessories are available to ensure a quick and professional installation.

e- They can only accept one P.I.N. (personal identification number), and are only available for swinging pedestrian doors.

9. Classroom function locksets combine these two functions into one unit:

a-Entry & Passage

b-Storeroom & Passage

c-Dummy & Passage

d-Entry & Storeroom

e-Institutional & Passage

f-Privacy & Office

10. There are several ways a Classroom function lock may be, depending on the manufacturer of the classroom lock. Which of the following is not one of them?

a-using a key on the exterior cylinder

b-using a key on the interior cylinder

c-pressing a button on the inside escutcheon of the lock

d-using a wireless button

e-by means of a global network based control