Save Time and Money With LOCKit Pre-Bundled Kit

Aug. 1, 2009
Locksmiths purchasing this package no longer need to check availability of four to six different items or make extra trips to the distributor to replace a wrong or unavailable part.

The new LOCKit pre-bundled kit from Locktronix, a division of Advanced Signaling Co., includes a 1200 lb., UL listed magnetic lock, a push-to-exit button, and a timer relay.

This bundled kit will provide a more economical option when compared to purchasing the same parts individually. Not only will LOCKit save locksmiths money, but it will also simplify and shorten the purchase process by reducing the need to search availability of four to six different items, as well as reducing the likelihood of an unnecessary trip to the distributor to obtain missing or forgotten parts. 

The LOCKit is also available for installs that are required to meet NFPA Life Safety Codes. This version adds a request-to-exit motion and wire harness to the basic package.

“I can’t figure out why this has not been offered before,” said Keith Fisher of Keyth Technologies “In the past, we have had to send our vans to the distributor with a grocery list of items, and invariably, the driver would either forget something, get a wrong part, or find out it was not on hand at the distributor on any given day, and we would end up having to send them on a return trip, or to another distributor to get all the parts we needed. Having something like this could have prevented a lot of stress and frustration over the years.”

When the customer arrives at the distributor, and inquires what parts they need for a particular application, the distributor no longer has to list all the options about brand, color, size, etc., and then check availability for several items. With LOCKit, the distributor only needs to know if the job requires parts that meet the NFPA Safety, or if the more basic package will suffice.

Headquartered in Plano, TX, Locktronix is a division of Advanced Signaling Co. Inc., a manufacturer and importer of security products since 1972. The LOCKit is backed by a Lifetime Warranty on the magnetic lock, and a three-year warranty on the remaining items. For more information, contact your locksmith distributor or visit