Access Control Software Wanted

Feb. 4, 2013

Over the last week while toiling away writing articles, I received several telephone calls from locksmiths who are interested in purchasing access control software for wireless "Open Architecture" electromechanical lock installations that have fewer than a dozen doors.

Doing some research, I discovered that there are few software options. So I thought I would write this blog.

Software wanted for locksmiths who are interested in installing wireless electromechanical access control systems. The access control software must seamlessly integrate different "Open Architecture" electromechanical locks. Must be compatible with current Microsoft operating systems and be capable of growing to meet the end-users requirements.

 Access Control wanted for two to ten or more doors.

Some of the basic features to include:

200 users minimum

Date and time scheduling including holidays

Multiple credentials option for keypad, proximity/Smartcard, biometric

Audit trail

Override key operation part of audit trail

Alarm monitoring

Single Users/Groups

Special function hierarchical users

One time users

Auto lock/unlock

Add or delete individual or groups

Cloning capability for new locks

Cloning capability for users

Global Lockdown

Contact Jerry Levine at [email protected]