A Look into the Future of Access Control

May 14, 2012
Future of Electromechanical Access Control is Viewable in the Hospitality Industry

Access control, specifically non-hardwired electromechanical locking devices are probably one of the fastest developing technologies. Locking devices are available the can wirelessly be connected to a companies’ Local Area Network. They provide wireless communications as well as some basic information on the locks themselves.

Within the near future, Near Field Communications equipped smartphones will become the employees ID badge for controlling access, not only at the entrance, but also throughout the facility. Companies will be able to monitor where employees are at all times.

For the hospitality industry, VingCard Elsafe and the BMW Group have recently developed the technology that enables BMW owners to book hotel rooms while in their vehicle. Once they arrive at the hotel, the owner can access his/her guestroom using their NFC-enabled BMW vehicle keys.

Today’s technology is amazing, the future will be even more so. This is because what begins in the hospitality industry and is successful, becomes the staple of access control.

From my experience, we can learn about the future of electromechanical access control by looking at the products that are being developed and sold to the hospitality industry.

To see into the future, become familiar with the electromechanical lock manufacturers that market their products to the hospitality industry. Go to the web sites of some of the larger hospitality lock manufacturers. These companies combine their technology with specialty companies and develop new ways to control access that can be more efficient and beneficial for the end-user.