SDC Door Raceway Pro and the Intertek Perfect Raceway Program

Oct. 1, 2009

SDC’s Door Raceway Pro and Door Raceway precision drill fixtures are designed to drill a raceway through the width of a wooden door in order to install electrified locking hardware. The Door Raceway Pro fixture is designed to drill a raceway for installing fire rated locking hardware onto a fire rated wooden door. The Door Raceway fixture is designed for installing electrified locking hardware on non-fire rated doors.
These precision drill fixtures guide the four-foot long, 3/8” diameter drill bit through the center of a particle filled or solid wood door from the center hinge to the cross bore opening on the lock side of the door.
The SDC Door Raceway fixtures have adjustable full width guides to accommodate the lock hardware positioning in reference to the center butt hinge. The fixture can be adjusted up to several degrees up or down from center hinge wire run location to the lock cross bore in order to accommodate the lock/device’s position.  
In order to drill a raceway using the SDC Door Raceway Pro through a fire-rated wood door, the installer must be compliant with the N.F.P.A. 80, requirements of the ‘label service program’ and have successfully completed Intertek’s Perfect Raceway Program.
The Intertek Perfect Raceway program allows locksmiths who successfully complete the training class to be certified to drill fire rated doors in the field to be retrofitted with listed fire rated electrified door hardware. The modified door remains compliant with NFPA 80 and continues to function as designed. For installer certification, visit the SDC or Intertek website to locate a class scheduled near you.  
Locksmiths must purchase and apply the numbered Warnock Hersey label that is specific to this program onto the modified door recertifying the door.
When an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) sees this label on the door, they will know that a Certified Installer who has successfully completed the training has properly modified the door.
The SDC 7000-DF Door Raceway Drill Fixture is for drilling non-fire rated doors. The 7000-IDF Door Raceway Pro is for Intertek Certified Installers. A four-foot long 3/8” diameter drill bit is included. An optional four foot long ¼” diameter drill bit is available. Both drill fixtures may be purchased directly from SDC at net cost.

SDC has produced an installation video. To view the video, go to