Controlling Access Grudge Fence and Razor Wire Blog

Oct. 15, 2012
Access control is only as good as the maintenance

I walked by an eight foot tall chain link fence, commonly called a grudge fence. Atop the fence is coiled razor wire in about a two foot diameter that runs the length of the entire fence. At the base of the fence, there are rail road ties to provide additional security. It reminded me of prison fencing.

At one corner of the property, there is a steel tubing door, probably seven feet tall and about three and one-half feet wide. The three sided jamb is welded to the chain link fence posts. The header has bent pointed welded spikes as added protection. Expanded metal has been welded to the door's interior preventing circumventing the outside knob.

There is a standard knob lock on the right side of the door. A steel protective collar surrounds the outside knob to prevent wrenching and to resist manipulation. A door closure is mounted onto the interior side of the jamb.

Someone went to a good deal of trouble and cost in order to limit the unauthorized from gaining access. An intimidating appearance until I walked up close.

Someone had allowed the door closer to get out of adjustment. The door did not close completely. I could walk up to the door and push it open. So much for controlling access.

As always, what are your thoughts?