Lock Cylinder Protection: Magnetic Plates from Capitol Industries

July 1, 2014
This two-piece system consists of an aluminum plate and a movable shield that covers the lock cylinder. The shield is locked into position by a unique system of magnets. A magnetic key is required to move the magnets to an unlocked position; then the shield can be moved downward for access to the cylinder.

Pin tumbler lock cylinders have provided a secure locking system since Linus Yale invented the first version 150 years ago.  As secure as the Yale invention is, pin tumbler locks do have some weaknesses. First, pin tumbler locks have always been susceptible to picking attacks. Second, lock bumping has been in the news during the last few years and internet sites actually show the general public how easy it is to bump a lock cylinder open.  Weather can also affect lock cylinder operation as airborne dirt and dust is blown into the keyway.

Capitol Industries has a new group of protection plates for aluminum doors which solves many of the problems described above.  The two-piece system consists of an aluminum body having a hole cutout to fit around the lock cylinder. A movable shield is connected to the body and covers the lock cylinder. The shield is locked into position by a unique system of magnets. A magnetic key can be used to move the magnets to an unlocked position.  When the magnets are unlocked, the shield can then be moved downward to gain access to the pin tumbler lock cylinder.  

Two versions of the magnetic cylinder shield are available. A narrow model, MCS-1000, is designed to protect the lock cylinder. A wide model, MCS-7000, is designed to protect the lock cylinder and extend over the edge of the door to also serve as a latch guard.

Additional magnetic products from Capitol Industries are available. Model MCS-2000 is a smaller version of the MCS-1000 lock shield and can be used to protect cam locks. Security is vastly improved as easily picked wafer tumbler keyways are covered by the patented magnetic cam lock shield.  

Model MKS-5000 is a magnetic key safe.  When the magnets are activated with a magnetic key, the cover can be moved downward to access a key contained in the key safe box.  Remote facilities, property management companies, assisted-care facilities or emergency response units are just some of the suggested situations where the keyed alike magnetic key safes can be used to retain keys for specific building complexes.

A series of circular magnets form the shield locking system. Each magnet contains a notch, similar to the lock designs in safe locks.  When a magnetic key is touched against the outer surface of the shield, each of the magnets is moved in a circular direction.  Rotation is determined by the position of the magnetic poles in the circular magnets and the position of the poles of the magnets encased in the magnetic key. Over 8,000 different magnetic key combinations are available.  A keying kit is available so duplicate magnetic keys can quickly be made on site.

Magnetic Shield Installation

  • Begin by removing the existing aluminum door cylinder and lockset.
  • Install the self-adhesive template to the outer side of the door.
  • Use a center punch and hammer to mark the five retainer positions.
  • Drill five holes as needed.
  • Loosely install the bottom retainer bolt.
  • Install pop rivets at four top retainer positions, then firmly tighten the bottom plate retainer screw.
  • Re-install the original door latch and lock cylinder.

Capitol Industries has several more magnetic lock products on the drawing board. Magnetic locks do not require batteries and since there is no keyway, lock picking is not an issue.  For further information contact your favorite locksmith distributor or: Capitol Industries, 5795 Avenue de Gaspe, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2S 2X3. Telephone: 800-567-0451. Website: www.capitolindustriesinc.com.