Added Value: The DETEX Value Series Expands

July 1, 2007
New to the line of alarmed exit devices for rim fire and rim panic applications are special model designations for hurricane and weatherized applications.

DETEX has a loss prevention solution for every door in any building. DETEX provides a comprehensive line of rugged, reliable loss prevention products, from the industry-standard ECL-230 Series to the architecturally designed Value Series, from weatherized hardware to their new delayed-egress panic devices. Field-tested for superior durability, DETEX hardware is code-compliant and backed by their solid reputation and warranty.

DETEX product lines include Advantex and Value Series architectural life-safety and security door hardware, both of which offer a wide choice of trouble-free, attractive panic hardware designed for reliable performance, even in high-use, heavy abuse applications.

The FV40/ V40 X EB X W: V40 X EX X W are DETEX's newest additions to its Value Series line of panic hardware. The FV40/ V40 X EB X W: V40 X EX X W designations cover a group of DETEX alarmed exit devices for rim fire and rim panic applications, with special model designations for hurricane and weatherized applications.

With all of the possible permutations of this equipment, it is imperative that the installation site be surveyed so that the optimal accessories are furnished to the installer. The bars are not supplied with mortise cylinders, and a variety of rim strike kits are offered.

For example, we were dispatched to install a DETEX rim device on a rear door of a home center. We noticed that in the time period since the building had originally been constructed (about three years), they had repaved the parking lot so that the door upon which we were installing would only open about six inches, and that was only with a great deal of force.

This model (FV40) is a battery powered alarmed exit device ideal for use on doors subjected to the weather; such as a perimeter door/gate in a garden center.

Care must be taken to ensure that the door is in proper working condition, since installing a rim device will not magically cure problems such as warped, binding, sagging or otherwise obstructed doors.

Of course, this was nothing compared to the multitude of other problems we've discovered since taking over this account. Virtually every device on every opening was mis-wired, poorly installed or wrongly specified in the first place. It's been a lucrative account for our company.

We advised the manager and made note of the pavement on our service ticket. Nevertheless, the facilities management company called us about two weeks later seemingly disappointed that we had not removed the pavement so the door would open, even though it was clearly beyond our scope of work. Although we are a full service company, we declined the repaving project, since we don't have machines or insurance for that type of work.

You will face similar situations if you begin an installation on a door which is not in working condition, and depending on the situation. you should take a defensive posture to protect your company's reputation and ensure you will ultimately get paid for your work.

On unusual openings, such as gates to garden centers, special care must be taken to measure the door's width, and verify that the door has been prepped as per DETEX detailed installation manual, or else you should be prepared to do some sheet metal fabrication and welding work in the course of the installation.

Depending on the model selected, wiring an external low voltage transformer may be required. Determining the availability of line voltage, if it is required, should be part of your survey, and if an electrician is going to be required, plan this out so you don't waste your installer's time, and necessitate a call back for you to commission the unit.

Models also provide remote signal and remote bypass options. These are low voltage and will necessitate the installation of a door loop or wired hinge.

Programming and deployment of the device is straightforward, and operation of the system is so simple a store manager can almost handle it without his assistant's help.

All the Value Series bars use similar installation process, so learning a new model is an oblique lateral rather than a quantum leap. DETEX provides plastic templates, parts kits that are bagged and clearly identified, and detailed instructions to assist you in completing your installation in a timely fashion.


• Patented plastic template design for perfect alignment with door and frame without paper template

• Fast, easy, trouble-free installation

• Secure installation prevents costly mistakes and enhances security

• Excellent technical support. For technical support of any kind, call 800.729.3839 and press 2 to speak with a Customer Engineer.


• Stainless steel self-latching bolt

• Angled end cap to deflect damage

• Tamper-resistant housing protects electronics, battery and internal hardware, preventing manipulation

• Bright signage deters theft and reduces false alarms

• Cylinder dogging standard (can also be ordered less dogging)


• State of the art electronics for reliable security and instantaneous alarm

• Tamper-resistant security switching electronically monitors latch bolt

• Approximately 100 Decibel alarm

• Adjustable two-minute 2 re-arming feature for auto re-arm

• Visual and audible arming indicators

• Armed/Disarmed status indicator is field selectable

• Powered by standard, 9-volt battery

• Visual and audible low-battery alert

• Delayed arming feature for arming after door closed


• Auto re-arm for ensured protection

• Through-door mounting kit available - Parts #101616 & 101617

• Key stop option available so key can only be removed when armed - Part #101867

• Security screw kit available - Part #101869

• NS - Narrow stile door option. For use on full 36” and 48” wide doors with 2” stile. Specify 628 ( AL , aluminum) or 711 (BK, black anodized). 98 semi-mortise strike included.

• Glass bead kits available - Parts #101879 & #101873

• Remote signaling available (Specify when ordering)

• Outside key control available (Call for details)

• Other Value Series models to include weatherized, delayed egress, electric switching and electric integration devices

• Cylinder spacer required for 7-pin cylinder on inside key control (ECL-1595)


TO ARM: Rotate arming key counterclockwise 1/8 turn; LED will be GREEN for 15-20 seconds. GREEN LED turns off followed by three short sounder chirps at the end of delay, indicating unit is armed.

DIS-ARM: Rotate the arming key clockwise 1/8 turn. RED LED flashes twice every 30-45 seconds, alerting management that device is disarmed.


Exterior of anodized aluminum and damage and corrosion resistant ABS for years of heavy use

Stainless-steel, dead-latching bolt with a 3/4” throw

Dimensions: Two sizes - * 36” fits 34” to 36” doors; *48” fits 40” to 48” doors (*Optional mounting configurations available for other door widths - Consult Factory)

Length - 33” Height of cover - 8-1/2”

Profile from face of door - Undogged 3-1/4”, dogged 2-3/8”

Fits 2” narrow stile doors with Narrow Stile Door Kit (sold separately)


To order the DETEX Value Series with: BATTERY POWERED EXIT ALARM (9-Volt Battery ) - specify V40xEB (Call for details of features and options)

Requires Mortise Cylinder; Standard Yale Cam (DETEX Mortise Cylinder part #102281-7 sold separately)

DETEX Value Series® Panic Hardware, when properly installed, used and maintained is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Detex will, for 10 years from the date of purchase, repair or replace any part which, upon our examination, proves to be defective under normal use. Electrical components, when properly installed, used and maintained, come with a three-year warranty, honored upon presentation of proof that the product was purchased directly from an authorized DETEX distributor.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Detex Corp. Telephone: 830-629-2900 or 800-729-2900. Web site:



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