Hollon 'Through the Wall' Safe

April 19, 2017

Corpus Christi, Texas  – Hollon Safe Co. introduces the  new TTW-2015 C/E Safe. The TTW stands for “Through The Wall.”

Having trust in your employees while running a business is very important but does that necessary mean you trust them enough to have 24/7 access to your office? Be around all your personal items and computer? Your desktop? Private information?

NO, and Hollon Safe offers the solution: the “Through the Wall” Safe. The TTW-2015 C/E gives you the option to keep employees out of your office when unsupervised by allowing them to still be able to turn in paperwork/ money/ concealed private mail through the wall deposit slot without actually entering your office, and only allowing you access to opening the safe through a door inside of your office.

The TTW is made with a 1/2” Steel Door, (5) 1-1/4” Solid Steel Active Bolts, and a internal spring loaded re-locking device that provides a secondary line of defense. The locks and relocker are protected by a Drill and Ballistic Resistant hard plate that will make any burglar contemplate twice if its worth attempting to break into this safe, including an Anti-Fish baffle on top. Choose between a UL Listed Group II Mechanical Dial or UL Listed Type 1 S&G Spartan Electronic Lock.

More Info: www.hollonsafe.com