Westinghouse Wireless Surveillance Camera Kits

June 13, 2017

Westinghouse Security announces the availability of its all-inclusive W-NVR Wireless Surveillance Camera Kits for residential or business applications. Designed to deter incidents, replay past events, and view real-time movements, W-NVR Kits offer users a reliable and affordable way to monitor their premises and installers a simple, easy-to-install surveillance solution for customers. Available in two models, W-NVR4 or W-NVR8, the kits include four or eight cameras, network video recorder, power supplies, and mouse. Both versions support Android and iOS.

The network video recorder has a dedicated built-in wireless router, which provides for a safer, more reliable broadcast. Featuring 2.4G wireless transmission, the system allows signals to travel up to approximately 328' and through walls up to 100'. In addition, the wireless kits are digital, making them suitable for large-size screens. The cameras are also portable, allowing a quick and easy move to another location. The only installation requirement is positioning the camera next to a power source. Once the cameras are installed, users set up the network video recorder and wait for “Smart Link” to connect the cameras to the NVR. Events can be monitored via computer/tv screen or Smart Phone.

More Info: www.westinghousesecurity.com

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