Feb. 15, 2003
The Model 20009 Video Entry System's simplicity and quality is perfect for homes and small businesses.
Most locksmiths do what they do on a regular basis. The re-keying, lockouts, master keying and key duplication are repeated daily. However, some locksmiths are always on the lookout for a new product that will broaden the scope of services they can offer their customer. The trick is to find a useful product that will stand out, but not be priced out of reach for the average home or business owner. When you find a new product that is easy to install, easy to use and affordable, it means that you can better answer your customer's needs. I recently discovered the VOS Systems Inc. Model 20009 Video Entry System. This unit is perfect for homes and small businesses. It's amazingly simple to install and provides a high-quality video and audio communication link. SYSTEM COMPONENTS
The Model 20009-VES is comprised of two components, an intercom/doorbell housing and a monitoring station. The complete kit includes 40 feet of connecting wire, a 16 VDC power supply, and all of the necessary mounting hardware for easy installation. While the kit only includes enough wire for a short run, it uses standard telephone system wire, so it's easy to obtain additional wire. In fact, if you do much access control work, you probably already have some on the truck.
The compact outside unit (5" x 3.75" x 1.75") houses a sophisticated infrared television camera that mounts on the exterior wall in place of the standard doorbell button. The technology allows the camera to operate in very low light conditions - 1 lux of illumination -, which is almost total darkness. The camera has a substantial viewing distance of up to 12 feet with 60 degrees range horizontally and 50 degrees vertically. Two-way communication is provided by the built-in duplex intercom. The interior monitoring station (9" x 7.5" x 3") is equipped with a 4" black & white video screen, handset and speakerphone. Like most phones, it comes with a wall-mounting bracket or can be placed on a desk or counter top. FEATURES & BENEFITS Replaces the existing doorbell with an electronic door chime. Works as a speakerphone for hands-free operation. Includes a 'Door Key' button to activate an electric strike. Allows someone to monitor the door visually without the visitor's knowledge. Offers intermittent or continuous audio/video surveillance. Prevents children from opening the door to strangers. Identifies unwanted solicitors before answering the door. Adds safety and security to a home or office. Optional Video Memory Unit records and stores images. INSTALLATION
After the wiring has been run, a simple color-coded, four-wire hookup is made to the exterior and interior components. Connect and plug in the power supply and the installation is complete.
If additional monitoring stations are used, each unit hooks up to the previous unit in line with the same four-wire connection. The hardest part is running the wire. This is a simple plug-and-play setup. There are no programming commands or detailed learning curves. OPERATION
Once the unit is installed, a visitor simply pushes the outside button, alerting the resident with a door chime. Pushing the outdoor button automatically activates the video monitoring screen. At that point, the resident can see and talk to the visitor, or he or she can simply observe and listen without responding.
For the continuous monitoring function, the base unit can be turned on manually. The result is a crystal-clear picture that can be used for easy identification of anyone in the entry area. The addition of extra monitoring stations allows the resident to quickly answer the door (or not) from the bedroom, kitchen, home office, etc. Each station can be set in the intermittent or continuous function independently. The optional Video Memory Unit (Model #20099) will record and store the visual images and time of activity of the last 32 visitors without the use of film or tape. It mounts alongside any monitoring station (wall or desk mount) and plugs directly into the back of the unit, sharing the same power supply. You can recall images to the monitor's screen manually or in sequence. SELLING THE PRODUCT
If you buy one and put it on the shelf, don't expect people to knock down your door asking for it. Like almost every product, you need to let your customers know you sell it.
The unit is attractively packaged, and sitting the box out front will draw some attention. It can be sold as an install-it-yourself item, (Photo 4) but most of your customers will likely opt for a professional installation. When accompanied by a fully working mounted demo on the showroom counter, it's sure to attract the attention of most people with a "Push This Button" sign nearby. A simple flier can be used as a handout on the job or set up in a counter display. This flier gets the customer's attention: "Did You Ever Wonder Who Is At Your Door?" and then tells them why this product will give their family added safety and security. This is a simple marketing piece that can be easily made on most computers with a simple publishing program. Run a few hundred copies and hand them out on every job. CONCLUSION
VOS Systems is a leader in the manufacture of consumer electronic products, including speech recognition technologies for modular appliance connections. In addition to the Video Entry Systems, the company offers IntelaVoice (plug-in, voice-activated) lamp dimmers, voice-activated/touch control wall switch dimmers, remote-controlled wall switch dimmers, and illuminated CD towers.
The Model 20009-VES Video Entry System is a useful tool in the security field. The optional Model 20099-VMU Video Memory Unit adds the ability to review recent activity at your door, even if you weren't at home when the visitor called. Available through locksmith distributors, one of the best features is the price. The Model 20009-VES has a suggested list price of just under $300, while the VMU lists for about $160. Additional monitors list at $199. Check with your distributor for your dealer cost. With profit on the sale and the installation labor to run the wire and mount the components, you can offer a cost-effective video entry and monitoring system that installs in a minimum amount of time. To spur sales, a smoked Plexiglas display board is available to mount the Model 20009-VES unit on your counter. For more information, contact VOS systems at (800) 596-0061 or visit the website www.vossystems.com.