A CCTV Starter Project: The MODEYE Self-Contained Camera and Modulator

Jan. 1, 2006
Live footage from the MODEYE camera can be watched on a unused television channel.

The demand for CCTV or video surveillance is booming. Why? The public has a new awareness of the need for security, and features and products are available at prices that make sense to end-users.

Cameras, infrastructure, recording and handling of video data have all undergone a radical transformation. Although definitely high tech, newer video hardware is far more installer and user-friendly than equipment formerly available.

The market for video includes the traditional government, municipal and corporate markets, and has broadened to include commercial and even residential.

Locksmiths are accustomed to “saving the day” for their customers, and CCTV is just another tool they can use to complete their mission. Here is my latest video adventure.Recently my daughter Lila attended a party in Richmond, about an hour’s drive from her home. She drove and took her two babies, Georgianna, 2 ½ years old, and William Baron a/k/a Bear, 1 year old.

During the course of the evening, Lila fell on stairs while carrying William. Lila was frantic with worry about Bear, and also was bruised up herself. There were no visible wounds on the baby. Lila was very distraught the whole evening (to put it mildly). She took both the kids back home that evening.

Next morning at 6 a.m. she calls Lee (my wife) and says she thinks Bear was injured in the fall and is going to the pediatrician. After seeing the pediatrician, going to the hospital for x-rays and then a consult with an pediatric orthopedist, the story is that the baby had a fractured femur, and Lila selected one of the treatment options: which was to not put the kid in a full body cast but rather just try to keep him from being his usual active, rolling and tumbling kind of guy.

Doing this was going to be difficult enough. He’s very energetic, but additionally, Lila had just managed to get Bear to sleep in his own bed in his own room. But now, with this injury, Lila was nrevous and worried about leaving the baby asleep in another room.

I suggested installing a CCTV camera in the nursery and pipe the image onto an unused channel on their TVs. They could keep tuned into the Bear channel all night, instead of Food Network.

I used the MODEYE, a self-contained camera and modulator that converts the video signal to a selected television channel, from Netmedia. It uses Netmedia’s “One Wire Video” technology to power the camera over the same coax cable that carries the signal from the camera to the television.

This camera essentially flush-mounts in a wall or ceiling, and is appropriate for virtually any décor. The camera and lens is in an eyeball which is fully adjustable. The MODEYE is easily tuned by the installer to an unused UHF channel for homes with antennas, an unused cable channel or an unused satellite channel.

The camera can be used to provide an image to every TV in the house, or used with just one television.

There are different versions of the MODEYE: black and white, color and day/night color.

This camera could be used for a wide variety of applications besides babysitting, including access control and security. It can also be interfaced with an existing CCTV system, or converted to UTP transmission.

With great features and good looks, this camera is an easy sell and a great performer.

This camera is another example of technology that the locksmith can easily provide his customers if he is looking to broaden his product offerings and branch out into other areas of security.

For more information on the MODEYE, visit www.netmedia.com or call 520-544-4567.