LukWerks: CCTV Made Easy

March 1, 2006
Electronics & Access Control

This LukWerks video surveillance system can be a profitable sales addition to every service call. Whether it be for customer surveillaance in a retail store, for mom to check on her sleeping baby or for the boss to check on his employees, everyone can find some use for this product- and the installation time is short enough that you can still be on time for your next job.

Imagine a product which is on the cutting edge, which can be used both in a residential or small business setting, which has a good profit margin and which can be installed in 15 minutes. The product we are describing is a new, Homeplug video monitoring system by LukWerks™.

The feature which should be of special interest to locksmiths is how the wiring is done. Each camera in the system must be plugged into a 110 volt outlet. Communication between the camera and the owner’s computer is sent over the same lines. LukWerks calls this a Homeplug system as the 110 outlet serves both as the source of power and the wiring to send the “Luk” camera signal back to the owner’s (PC) computer.

The second part of the system is a software program which must be loaded into the owner’s existing computer. The “Werks” software can monitor up to six different cameras. Werks can search for, view and manage recorded video events. It can send E-mail alerts when a camera detects motion. It allows video viewing over the Internet or on Smart Phones. Werks software provides three primary components: Live mode, Search mode and Setup.

Literature from LukWerks states, “The system’s portable viewing architecture; unique capturing, storing and reporting functionality; and ability to customize camera settings make it one of the most versatile, usable and affordable surveillance systems in the industry today.”


A miniaturized computer with a 400MHz processor is imbedded in each Luk camera. This computer encodes, adjusts and manages the video feed. The imbedded camera provides the desired features without overwhelming the owner’s PC. The processor also automatically adjusts the lens according to changing light conditions. The camera features high-quality imaging, digital motion detection, user-definable motion detection zones, auto-image lighting management and Windows media video encoding.

Luk cameras are fully adjustable. The lens can be moved within the housing to change its viewing angle. You can also adjust the focus by turning the lens clockwise or counterclockwise as needed.

Luk cameras are presently made to be used indoors but a suction cup is included so the camera can be mounted on a window surface with the lens aimed out of doors. Various mounts are available for wall, ceiling or desktop positioning. Cameras for outdoor and discreet uses are scheduled to be available in the near future.


Werks software can manage full-motion video from six concurrent cameras. It can display live views from every camera while simultaneously recording motion or scheduled events. In addition, Werks can notify up to 10 E-mail addresses or cell phones and indicate that a camera has detected and recorded motion. You can optionally specify that Werks will send either a frame or video of the event. Werks software also includes automatic disk storage management, video search and playback modes and password system security.

In the default setup, Werks only records video when there is motion detected by a camera or for times when you have set a fixed recording schedule. The maximum amount of disk space to be used can be allocated by the Werks software. After the allocated space is filled, additional video will be added by removing the oldest previous video information.

Cameral Power Supply

The power supply connects to the camera via a supplied CAT 5e cable. It serves as the power source for the camera and the network bridge between the camera and the PC running Werks software. The Luk camera and Luk power supply must be used as a pair.


The receiver unit is plugged into a 110 outlet near the owner’s PC. It does not take power from the 110 source, but rather serves as a connection between the USB port on the PC and video information arriving from the cameras via the 110 line.

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