One-Stop Shopping: SPECO DVR-TN SERIES

Sept. 1, 2007
The DVR-4TN Triplex Digital Video Recorder provides the functionality of a DVR as well as a mutiplexor and a video server in a single appliance. It is supplied with SpecoRemote remote viewing and configuration software.

SPECO offers a full line of cost-effective digital video processing devices which redefine how we approach video and security. They are packed with operational and connectivity features, and due to its open platform design, there are essentially no limitations to where they can go.

The transition of security technology has resulted in the establishment of digital based video processing as the driver CCTV.

If you are a newcomer to Digital Video, SPECO is a good choice for you. At their web site,, documentation, product attributes and software are informative and up to date.

The DVR-4TN Triplex Digital Video Recorder is the smallest member of the family and is full of valuable features and easy to use. It provides the functionality of a DVR as well as a mutiplexor and a video server in a single appliance.

The system is supplied with SpecoRemote remote viewing and configuration software which is a web browser plug-in and which allows the user to view live or recorded video images, and enables remote configuration. The software is stored in the unit and deployed over a lan, wan or Internet connection to remote Windows-based computers.

The SPECO DVR-4TN accepts output from virtually any camera which uses coax or UTP. Signal pass-through allows custom-configured systems using multiple monitors and recorders. Features include:

EZ Record: set the number of days you want to record and the DVR takes care of the rest.

EZ Copy: If your client needs forensic evidence to assist in an investigation or to use in court, EZ Copy enables them to auto copy what you are playing onto a CD/RW or USB flash drive.

EZ Set-Up: Deployment of the system is fast tracked with shortcuts to popular features for quick installation.

To enable video server functionality and provide an extremely ‘connective' device SPECO supplies A Free DDNS server for use with dynamic IP addresses
To maximize storage capabilities SPECO uses MPEG-4 high quality compression, 5 to 10 times smaller than MJPEG

SPECO offers Triplex operation enabling simultaneously view live or playback while continuing to record & network transfer. Both local and remote monitoring, recording, playback, change system settings and dome camera control via Ethernet and/or Internet are supported. An intuitive Jog shuttle and IR Remote provide for easy and convenient operation.

Additional features include:

• Recording Rate: Up to 120pps

• 1 Channel in out for audio recording

• 1 Optical drive + up to 3 internal HDD

• IEEE-1394 for extended external storage

• Built-in CD-RW or DVD+RW for video clip exporting

• USB 2.0 port for video clip exporting, supports USB thumb drive.

• Easy software upgrade via Network, USB Thumb Drive , or CD-RW

• Configurable normal and event recording frame rate & picture quality per channel or globally via EZ record

• Multiple built-in dome camera protocol (through RS485): including Pelco D, Pelco P, AD422, Fastrax, DynaColor, JVC

• Automatic camera detection (Plug & Play)

• Digital Zoom 2 x 2 in live mode

• Covert camera operation provides enhanced security and administrator control

• Dynamically programmable recording priority, motion detection, alarms, and scheduling

• Programmable call-monitor switching sequence

• Up to 30 sec pre-alarm recording

• USB mouse Support for user-friendly operation

• Multiple language on-screen menus

• Password to secure installation authorization

• Network software supports static IP, DHCP, PPPoE and DDNS

• Network hardware supports 10/100M

• Operating Temperature: 14 degrees F to 120 degrees F

• Support RS485 remote control keyboard (optional)

• Email notification of alarm events

New Central Management Software (CMS) software

Central Management Software is a remote application program for Speco Technologies' DVR-TL , TN , TS and TT Series of Internet ready DVRs. It can be installed on a PC that is connected to a LAN or Internet connection to remotely access, view and configure up to 16 DVRs simultaneously (that's 256 camera views - can see 64 thumbnails at a time)!



Speco Technologies new Digital Deterrent™ System is available in Speco PC Series and TN Family DVRs.

Once motion is detected by a surveillance camera networked to a DVR, an alarm is triggered and a custom audio/visual warning is automatically projected, so the perpetrator believes he is actually being watched. The Digital Deterrent™ System has been created by Speco Technologies to prevent crime, not just record it.

For example, in parking lot surveillance, cameras are installed and networked to a DVR connected to a monitor to watch different areas. For crime prevention, a custom sound file (.wav file) can be recorded (“Warning-You are under surveillance”), transported and saved to the hard drive in the DVR. The motion sensor for a specific camera would be set so that when motion is detected, an alarm is triggered which initiates the sound file while a strobe light goes off at the same time. The voice, projected through an amplified speaker, sounds as if someone nearby has seen the intruder and is warning him that he is being watched and recorded. The outcome should be a startled criminal that leaves the scene before the crime is actually committed.

Speco Technologies Digital Deterrent™ can be used as a marketing tool as well. For instance, in a supermarket, CCTV cameras are set up for surveillance in different aisles and networked through a DVR.

In the dairy aisle, one camera is focused on the milk and motion detection is setup for that camera in the same way it is for the parking lot. A custom sound file is recorded, transported and saved to the hard drive as previously stated. Only that sound file could say something like “Cookies go great with milk. Check out our cookies on sale in aisle 5.” So when a customer passes the camera by the milk, the motion is detected and sets off the alarm which sounds through a nearby amplified speaker, which is the cookie message. It is a unique idea to provide advertising in the store.

SPECO has brought a revolutionary device suitable for a wide range of applications. The product is supported with an impressive web site and is supplied with detailed and well written manuals and CDs.

Upgrades and new modules are on their web site and may be downloaded and easily uploaded into the DVR via a generous array of ports and connectivity options. The DVR uses LUNUX OS which mean it will be less vulnerable to hacks and more amenable to customization by those of you out there who are into such things.

Your customers will be able to trust in the quality of the SPECO because it backs its product with a three-year warranty.

For more information, contact your local distributor or Speco Technologies, 200 New Highway , Amityville , NY 11701 ; telephone 800-645-5516, web site: