Earn Recurring Revenue with Alarm Lock iSEE Video

Oct. 1, 2008

Our locksmith industry has primarily focused on products which protect lives and property by physical prevention. Install a lock and thieves cannot enter. Another approach to security involves what happens after an incident. If you can’t stop them, at least you have some visual or audible indication of the occurrence. Alarms and video cameras fall into this latter group. Video evidence is especially helpful in retaining a record of both who caused the problem and the time and date it happened.
Alarm Lock Systems has been supporting locksmiths for many years with Trilogy access control products. Alarm Lock has now introduced a new product called iSee Video which expands the sales horizons of locksmiths into the video surveillance field. iSee Video is easy to install, easy to use and provides the benefits of recurring monthly revenue for locksmiths.
The basic Alarm Lock iSee Video system is comprised of four units: one iSee Vcam video camera, two iSee ethernet-over-power (EOP) MOD200 modules and one G-box plug & play module. An iSee Video system consisting of two cameras is also available. Additional cameras can be ordered as an option. A maximum of four cameras can be supported by an iSee system.
iSee Video systems are designed for use in residential, small office or small store settings. In order to simplify installations, iSee Video uses existing building wiring to send video information and larger buildings may have separate, non-continuous electrical circuits.
The iSee Video system does not require a PC to be ‘on’ at all times but does require a broadband connection to the internet. All video information is sent to a Napco Video Alert Server via the customers’ internet connection. If a video event takes place, the customer is automatically alerted via E-mail. By clicking on the E-mail message, the customer can view their video event. 50 MB of storage is allotted to each customer. If the limit is exceeded, older events are automatically deleted. The customer also has the option of viewing live video by cell phone through the Napco Video Alert Server system at any time. Stored video must be viewed on a PC.
Installation is comprised of first locating a suitable location for the video camera. iSee cameras require a 110 volt AC electrical source. Each camera location also requires a second 110 volt AC source for an EOP module. The camera and module are connected together by a Cat5 cable which is furnished with the iSee system. If the iSee system is using more than one camera, each location requires a 110 volt outlet for both the camera and an individual EOP module.
The next step is to install a G-Box furnished with the iSee system. The G-Box is plugged into a 110 volt source near the owner’s broadband modem. Note: No hardwiring is required between the EOP modules and the G-Box. Video images are sent at up to 200 megabits per second through the normal 110 volt building wiring system. A Cat5 cable is connected from the G-Box to the broadband modem to complete the installation. Since there are no long wire runs to be made from camera to broadband modem, installation time is dramatically reduced.

Locksmiths must first develop an iSee Video dealer account with Napco. Each locksmith dealer then develops his or her own contract and cost-per-month pricing for customer subscribers. Each iSee system includes 12 months of free access to the Napco Video Alert Server. After the 12-month period has elapsed, Napco will bill the locksmith dealer a small cost per camera per month for maintaining the Video Alert Server. This system provides a great deal of flexibility in the way in which each locksmith dealer decides to develop an iSee video sales program.
For more information or to become a dealer, contact your local Alarm Lock distributor or go to: www.videoalert.net. The internet site has several frequently asked questions which will cover many options and questions not covered in this article. This recurring revenue program is an interesting first for the locksmith industry.