NUVICO Cameras Secure Health Club

Nov. 1, 2008
The Zoom-Matic series brings refined technology and the somewhat unique programmable zoom to a fixed camera, along with easy, streamlined installation features.

The client wanted to add some cameras to his video system, without upgrading his DVR. His business is a gym where members use credentials to gain access to work out. He was planning to add another room and wanted to place two cameras in the space.

He had an open input on his DVR, and thought he would add one new camera and move an existing cameras to the new area. The problem was that by eliminating a camera for the existing space, he would be creating a ‘blind spot’ and he wanted me to come up with a solution.

The area where he was going to eliminate a camera was relatively narrow, but deep, reaching from the front of the premises to the back wall. The two existing cameras were mounted with one on the front wall focused on the foreground of the gym, and another hanging off a pendant half way to the rear of the space to cover the background. He wanted to remove the camera on the pendant, and somehow utilize a single camera in the front to protect the foreground and background.

His cameras were typical ceiling domes, and although the images they produced were clear, facial recognition was difficult. He didn’t require facial recognition. The premises had access control, and there were already seven cameras, so a person would pass through the field of view of one or more of the other cameras while moving around the place.
So this was an exercise in cost containment. One option was to upgrade the DVR or add an additional DVR, but the client waned to avoid that.

Adding a Pan Tilt Zoom camera set to tour was one possible solution, but panning wasn’t required because of the narrow field of view involved.

I suggested the NUVICO CZ10N Zoom-Matic as the solution.  This is an auto focus dome camera with a zoom lens, sort of a cross between a fixed and a P/T/Z, except without the “P” and the “T”. There is also a CZ30N version of this camera which is an integrated outdoor housing.

These cameras are sturdily constructed, offer easy mounting and aiming, and also include those installer-friendly fine points which streamline installation and setup.

The Zoom feature can be manually adjusted by means of the remote, or RS-485 joystick controller or DVR with P/T/Z control. Both models of this cameras offer a video output jack which is accessible with the camera mounted (for doing ladder tuning.)

The Zoom feature can be automatically controlled as well. There are 8 presets. Each preset offers an individual setting menu.

The camera features X10 optical Zoom and X2 digital zoom, resulting in a maximum Z100 zoom factor.

Presets can be generated by a DVR or with the remote the same way as with most P/T/Z cameras. 

The NUVICO presets can also be triggered by the camera itself.

The camera has motion detection, and the area and sensitivity are programmable in the camera using the remote and OSD.

Alarm presets can also be triggered by two alarm inputs on the camera which can be hardwired to external sensors. Each alarm input calls up a different (or the same) preset.

A home preset allows the camera to be set for non-alarm viewing. The camera automatically returns to the home position after a dwell time which is programmable for each preset.

Having the option of local, manual and automatic control facilitates a variety of uses. Security management can select the field of view, or the camera can be set to auto pilot to respond to actions within the field of view, door or motion sensors, activity from an access control, or preprogrammed on a DVR schedule.

The Zoom-Matics’ exceptional 550 color/600 B&W resolution allows full use of the flexible zoom factor, and makes the auto focus an auto-iris even more dramatic to observe.

  I found the Zoom-Matic cameras well built and nicely accessorized. The Video whip (small video cable to connect a spot monitor to the camera for use by the installer) was a pleasant surprise.

On a lot of cameras, the only video output is the main video output which is concealed from you when you are on a ladder mounting the camera. That cable is going through a wall, or above a ceiling. Unless your camera has an installer accessible video output, you have to go through a lot of steps to get your spot monitor connected. Hooking up for a video output is a pain without the installer’s video output.

The Zoom-Matic needs to be aimed, and it is best to aim the camera at the highest zoom factor your application will preset to, so the target can be properly framed. But once aimed, these other settings can be done remotely, either with the supplied remote or from the system head-end.

The Zoom-Matic sell for about half the price of a comparable P/T/Z and its automated functions provide a comprehensive surveillance solution.