Von Duprin QEL Conversion

We retrofit a non-electrified Von Duprin 98 rim exit device with the Quiet Electric Latch (QEL) motorized and computerized latch retraction system.

Step 2. Remove the two Phillips head screws securing the end cap bracket to the door. Remove the end cap bracket.

Depending upon the original installation, there could be two mounting screws along the front of the center case just above and below the Pullman Bolt. These mounting screws are designed to secure the center case onto the door to simplify installing exterior trim. (See Photo #16)

Step 3. Remove the mounting screws securing the center case to the exterior trim. Carefully remove the trim from the exterior of the door. Up to four of the mounting screws can be used to secure the center case to the trim.

If the exit device is equipped with the two mounting screws adjacent to the Pullman Bolt, unscrew them in order to remove the exit device from the door.

Step 4. Place the exit device onto a flat surface. If equipped, remove the two mechanism case bracket 5/16” bolts securing the center case to the mechanism case. These bolts had a straight screwdriver slot within the head. Remove the bracket from the center case.

Step 5. Slide the mechanism case off the exit device.

Step 6. Remove the pushbar from the baseplate by lifting the pushbar up and forward while moving the forward pushbar guide down. The black plastic pushbar guides are designed to direct the pushbar’s movement. They are mounted onto the front and rear of the pushbar. Lift the pushbar off the baseplate when free.

Step 7. The center case is attached to the baseplate by two Phillips head screws from the bottom and the control link pin. Remove the two screws, clip and pin.

Step 8. Attach the QEL baseplate to the center case using the two screws, the clip and the pin.

Finish assembling and then install the exit device onto the door.

Only two wires are required to power/operate the QEL baseplate for up to a 200-foot wire run from the power supply to the QEL. The wire gauge can be a minimum of 18 AWG. Von Duprin recommends two lead stranded wire.

The QEL operates in conjunction with the 871-2Q logic board that is plugged into the Von Duprin PS873 Power Supply. This power supply provides 4 Amps @ 12VDC and 2 Amps @ 24VDC. A PS873 power supply will support up to four QEL equipped exit devices.

Note: For upgrades, the EL board can be removed and the 871-2Q logic board can be installed into the power supply.

The Von Duprin Quiet Electric Latch is available for 98, 99, 35a and 33a series devices excluding CheXit, EL and ALK. It is not available with mechanical or cylinder dogging.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Von Duprin, Web site: www.vonduprin.com.

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