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April 10, 2023

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As we emerge from one of the most difficult times in memory, we could not be prouder of our community for staying connected, involved and front and center. As you committed yourselves to doing what you do best, we at Locksmith Ledger remained focused on keeping you informed on anything that would assist in your continued success.

We join with you in looking forward to an exciting and profitable “new normal” in 2023 as we all navigate changing regulations, economic upswings and downswings and supply-chain issues.

We have heard from many readers who have enjoyed receiving our digital issues, and it is with you in mind that we will be continuing the production of both our print and digital editions. 

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Easily installs and secures Bifold, Cabinet and Cupboard doors - keeping your stash safe and secure! Great for childproofing and babyproofing cabinets containing cleaning products, chemicals and other hazardous/dangerous materials.


Cover Focus: Touchless Openings

Door Prep with the Bulls-I Door Coring Jig

What's New with Exit Devices?

School Lock Installation, part 1

Tech Tips: Gate Security

Special Supplement: Automotive 2023

We are interested in seeing if locksmiths held the line or passed on their rising costs to their customers.
Lock and Key Solutions winners are the BEST EHD9000 cast-iron door closer and the Medeco eCLIQ
Lockly Pro offers effective solutions for commercial door security and access control challenges
Reduce the possibility of electronic interference from unwanted electromagnetic waves with other circuits or devices
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