LL Product Watch eNL - Jan 4th, 2024
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January 4, 2024

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Camden's CX-ED1689L & CX-ED1799L electric strikes for mortise and cylindrical locksets offer the very best strike quality, with built-in latch monitoring and 'universal' performance. CX-ED1689L is a low-profile Grade 1 fire rated strike with both latch and strike monitor switches included. CX-ED1799L is a Grade 1 fire rated strike with dual lock monitors and strike monitor switches included.


Camden brings to market the most trusted Delayed Egress Maglocks in the industry and supports them with a complete range of mounting & system accessories to meet the requirements of any installation application. These span reset key switches, remote sounders, 15 W speakers with optional LEDs, signage (French, Spanish and Braille available) and mounting accessories. Application guides are available for download at www.camdencontrols.com.


CompX Pearl is a new keyless, electronic lock designed to enhance and elevate the look of lockers. Pearl can be programmed in dedicated or shared use, requires no special tools or software, and features an external “flip down” battery compartment for easy access to batteries. Pearl’s shared use mode allows for revolving user code - multiple users may use Pearl without having to reprogram the lock.