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September 11, 2023

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Please take the time to complete our 2023 State of the Industry Survey, which looks at key topics affecting your business, including market and product areas where you are seeing the most growth, where you buy your products, and what you look for in a distributor, for example. We are also interested in the challenges your business has faced in the past year.

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With COVID somewhat in our rearview mirror, and supply chain issues beginning to ease a bit – although this is one topic that won’t go away completely on the manufacturer and distributor side – this year’s state of the industry is also focusing on how much the workplace has changed, with more hybrid work environments becoming the norm, and many more employees working from home full-time.

A common challenge for commercial locksmiths seems to be hiring, training and retaining good employees. We are interested in your staffing strategies.

Your feedback is so valuable to us here at Locksmith Ledger! The survey should only take about 10 minutes and you have to option of receiving the results, which we will also print in the November issue.

Read last year's State of the Industry report.

The deadline is Sept. 22.



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Cover Focus: Commercial Security

Securing Glass Openings

Auto Dealership Job: No Cars Involved

Safe Lock Replacement

Back to Basics Series: Servicing the Lock
   without a Working Key

The takeaway here for locksmiths is to reach out to gun safe owners and offer a security upgrade.
Locksmith trade show set for Sept. 28-29 in Columbia, South Carolina
New video training series aims to provide training for new locksmiths
The innovation continues: cost-effective and easy-to-use electronic safe locks
Automotive locksmith Steve Young shares his perspective from the 2023 ALOA Security Expo
From Southern California Security Centers (SCSC)

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