High Security Cylinders and Protected Key Stock

Lock manufacturers are depended upon to control the issuance of key stock.

Mul-T-Lock keys are handed with the grooves and cuts on one side of the blade. Each key contains a maximum of five double dimple cuts on each side of the blade. Cut numbers vary, depending upon the type of lock cylinders within a specific system.

Mul-T-Lock “Interactive” is a patented lock technology that introduces a set of locking pins to the cylinder and a set of movable pins to the key. The movable pins are pressed into the key and engage the locking pins in the cylinder when the key is fully inserted.

Keys that are not equipped with these movable pins cannot deactivate the locking pin built into the lock cylinder.

Cutting Mul-T-Lock keys requires the use of a special key machine to produce the double dimple cuts. This key machine originates keys using two spindle mounted cutters.

The next-generation development for Mul-T-Lock is the “Integrator.” It is comprised of a seven-pin configuration and includes “copy-protected” oval cuts on the key.

Mul-T-Lock cylinders are pick and drill resistant.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Mul-T-Lock USA, phone 800-562-3511 or web site www.mul-t-lockusa.com.


SARGENT introduced the Keso Security System in 1965. This high security lock mechanism was one of the first major improvements in pin tumbler lock construction. The Keso lock mechanism provided pick resistance, expanded master keying capabilities, proprietary keying and control over key duplication.

In 1995, SARGENT introduced the patented SARGENT Signature Series with multiple lock mechanisms that provide theft and vandal resistance. The Signature Series lock cylinders are available as UL437 High Security version. The Signature Series incorporates three pin tumbler lock mechanisms. In addition to operating as a pin tumbler lock mechanism, side pin lock mechanisms operate a blocking bar, one on each side of the plug.

The SARGENT Signature Series can be identified by a quill (feather) embossed into the plug faces and the keys. Signature Series lock cylinders are available as removable cores, mortise, key-in-lever, and rim lock cylinders. The Signature Series are laterally compatible with compatible SARGENT pin tumbler keyways. Signature Series lock cylinders retrofit into existing lock hardware.

The Signature lock cylinders are serviced the same way as standard pin tumbler locks. The side pins and blocking pins are secured into the plug.

Signature bittings can be cut on any standard key duplicating or code machine.

Signature lock and key patents will remain in affect until 2015.

Signature offers varying levels of key control regarding key stock issuance to locksmith, wholesalers, and end-users. Distribution of Signature lock cylinders and keys is controlled by the section and the dimple pattern.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or SARGENT, phone 800-727-5477 or web site www.sargentlock.com.


The Primus system consists of two locking technologies: a standard row of six pin stacks; and a patented row of five “finger” pins. The finger pins interact with sidebar.

The patent-protected keys feature a secondary bitting milled along the right-bottom side of the key. This bitting interacts with the finger pins, lifting each to a level where a hole in the finger pin allows the sidebar to retract.

The pattern of this bitting is controlled and used to establish individual customers and groupings of customers in specific geographic areas.

Plugs can be optionally ordered for UL 437.Primus is set up to be especially flexible as it can co-exist and interface with existing standard Schlage systems.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Schlage, telephone 800-847-1864, web site www.schlage.com.


Patent-protected Yale Security Cylinders make use of two independent locking mechanisms to provide high security protection: a row of six or seven pin tumblers, with spool drivers; and a secondary set of five spring-loaded rotating discs that control a sidebar.

The patented keys have side millings that engage the rotating discs.

Yale Security Cylinders employ both the “GST” and “VYZ” families of surety keyways. In addition to the key restrictions, the Security Cylinders are available for those applications that require UL 437 pick and drill resistance. The cylinders have a hardened stainless steel cylinder head and rotating plug face.

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