Automotive Locksmithing

  • TKO/SDD Software Updates Released

    Kaba Ilco Corp., Rocky Mount, NC, announces the following TKO/SDD Software updates, now available for purchase through Ilco distributors. 2011 Ford 80 Bit System (Part # BM0158XXXX) Applications: Ford Edge 2011 Ford Explorer 2011 Ford F150/F250 2011...

    Press Release • July 29th, 2011

  • Custom Lockout Kits

    Master Lock's  new Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) custom kitting program enables customers to specify exact assortments of safety lockout devices, padlocks and tags to meet employees’ needs in their lockout responsibilities. They can also select from a...

    Product • July 25th, 2011

  • Servicing the 2001 VW Cabrio

    When a customer has the misfortune of losing the keys to a car, he or she often calls on the services of the locksmith to help out. For the modern automotive locksmith, this process often involves not only fabricating the mechanical part of the key but...

    Article • July 18th, 2011

  • Ziptide August 2011

    ASK THE EXPERTS Got a technical question for our Locksmith Ledger editors or a tip to share with your fellow locksmiths? Check out online discussion forums at . At our Ask the Experts forum, post a question for editors Gale...

    Article • July 15th, 2011

  • Sidewinders Go Mainstream

    Believe it or not, Sidewinder locks first made their debut on some Mercedes vehicles back in 1979. Mercedes had the sidewinder concession to themselves until 1986 when Saab 9000 models added sidewinder keys. Volvo began using sidewinder locks in 1987...

    Article • July 14th, 2011

  • Back Page, August 2011

    TWENTY YEARS AGO Decorative hardware was the topic of the August 1991 issue. John Bartley discussed the decorative lock possibilities offered by Baldwin hardware. Gerry Finch explained the Standard Key Coding System invented by Tom Hennessy. Milt...

    Article • July 7th, 2011

  • Locksmithing Etc.

    News You Can Use

    Article • July 1st, 2011

  • Locksmithing Etc.

    RYTAN POWER INVERTER Rytan has introduced their RY192 Power Inverter to change DC power to 110 volt AC at 60Hz. The 1000 watt, with 3000 watt surge power inverter has an over 90 percent efficiency rate with alarm and thermal shutdown. There are two AC...

    Article • June 29th, 2011

  • Re-Using Transponders: Ilco Chipless Head

    Ilco has introduced the EH3C Chipless Head for their modular key system. The Chipless Head has the same shape as the two styles of Electronic Cloneable Key Heads, the EH3 (Texas Instruments) and the EH3P (Philips 2nd generation Crypto). These three...

    Article • June 29th, 2011

  • Jet Hardware HS2000 Key Machine: Side Mill Duplicator

    Originate keys right out of the box using your space and depth guide.

    Article • June 29th, 2011

  • Guide To Chrysler Remote Head Key Shells

    The Chrysler remote head key was introduced for the 2004 model year Chrysler and Dodge minivans and 2005 model year Jeep Grand Cherokee. Chrysler remote head keys have a rigid mounted blade that extends from the head. These remote head keys eliminate...

    Article • June 29th, 2011

  • Bianchi Laser 994 Cutting a Key for Lexus 80K Code Series

    This training video demonstrates how to 'Cut By Code' a Lexus 80,000 Code Series key with the Bianchi Laser 994.

    Video • June 27th, 2011

  • Bianchi 884 Ultegra - Cloning a TK60

    This training video demonstrates how to clone a Philips Crypto 2nd gen. (TK60) key with the Bianchi 884 Decryptor Ultegra. The Bianchi 884 Decryptor Ultegra is a completely stand-alone transponder cloning tool. The 884 identifies and clones TI Fixed

    Video • June 27th, 2011

  • K2 Forge

    KeylessRide's new K2 Forge system generates "rolling code" remotes on demand for hundreds of car models. The unique FLIP-mode operation allows the user to operate keyless entry functions on two vehicles. The system is easy -- simply select vehicle year...

    Product • June 23rd, 2011

  • Marketing Basics

    A locksmith business, be it mobile or store-based, is unique. Add to that not every locksmith provides the same services. Some locksmiths specialize in commercial work including electronic access control and offer a few safes in their showroom. Some...

    Article • June 15th, 2011