• Traka, an ASSA ABLOY Group company

    Company • April 19th, 2013

  • Traka Touch

    The T raka Touch standalone key management solution operates independently of a company’s IT system via an embedded Windows software and SQL Server database. No server is required to maintain its database. The system is managed via the full color 7-inch...

    Product • April 19th, 2013

  • Kaba Ilco Releases Updated Motorcycle Key Blank Reference

    Key blank info also includes recreational vehicles,outboard motor, snow mobiles and golf carts

    News • April 16th, 2013

  • Steve Young’s Quick Reference Auto Manual

    Steve Young’s Quick Reference Automotive Manual from Lockmasters, Inc. has been revised for the 2013 model year and some 2014s. It covers everything sold in North America from 2000 to the present. Information includes the DIRECTION to pick the door...

    Product • April 10th, 2013

  • BigEasy Lockout Kits

    Steck Manufacturing’s  BigEasy “Glo” #32955 Lock out kit and the BigEasy Carrying Case (#32935)  are the tools of choice for Locksmiths. Quick and easy to use, in most cases within 60 seconds the door is open. The BigEasy is simple to use...

    Product • April 4th, 2013

  • Custom Engraving With Kaba Ilco's New Engrave-It XP

    The Engrave-It XP is simple to operate and designed to engrave a broad range of items in both the lock shop and institutional environment. This unit is capable of marking keys, IC cores, brass and laminated ID plates /pet ID tags.

    Article • April 1st, 2013

  • Back Page, April 2013

    TWENTY YEARS AGO Our Ledger editorial for April  1993 suggested that locksmiths should charge what they are worth. Even better advice today.  Each April issue is devoted to providing helpful information about every known locksmith distributor...

    Article • April 1st, 2013

  • Baxter Systems

    Company • March 26th, 2013

  • Key Craze Inc.

    Company • March 22nd, 2013

  • Key Craze Inc. Launches Line of Replacement Car Remote Shells

    18 different remote shells are offered for nine car makes: Chrysler, Nissan, Buick, Honda, Ford, GM, Toyota, Hyundai and Mazda.

    News • March 22nd, 2013

  • Ilco® Releases 31st Annual North American Auto/Truck Key Blank Reference

    This free resource is designed to assist those cutting keys with an organized and easy-to-use reference.

    News • March 14th, 2013

  • Sequence Lock

    Institutional key control that acts as a mechanical sign-out sheet when active is available through sequence locks from ETI Products.  The sequence lock consists of two keys.  The first key is a user key, assigned to an individual. The second key, which...

    Product • March 6th, 2013

  • Newsbriefs, March 2013

    Secura Key: Wiegand Card Supplier Chatsworth, CA - Secura Key has been and continues to be a reliable and trusted manufacturing resource for many types of access control cards.  Now, Secura Key is the only resource for Wiegand Cards to the industry...

    Article • March 4th, 2013

  • Lock etc column

    Notes From the Detroit Auto Show 2014 GM Sierra and Silverado pickups will have the HU100 keyway ignition lock in a CSS type of steering column. This 2-Track high security key is used by General Motors on the late model Camaro, Cruze, Equinox, LaCrosse...

    Article • March 4th, 2013

  • Transponder Key Blank Comparison

    Our chart shows aftermarket comparisons for most popular transponder key blanks, designed for duplication and key origination. A similar chart of keys designed especially for cloning will be listed in a subsequent issue.

    Article • March 4th, 2013