Key Machines

  • Pak-A-Punch Quick Change Kits

    A-1 Security Mfg. introduces several Pak-A-Punch Quick Change Kits. Each kit comes in its own case and includes the appropriate depth knob. You can order the vise only by replacing the prefix PAK with ASM. For more information, contact A-1 at...

    Product • July 1st, 2011

  • Jet Hardware HS2000 Key Machine: Side Mill Duplicator

    Originate keys right out of the box using your space and depth guide.

    Article • June 29th, 2011

  • Bianchi Laser 994 Cut by Code

    This training video demonstrates how to 'Cut By Code' with the Bianchi Laser 994. The Bianchi Laser 994 is the most advanced electronic high security key cutting machine on the market.

    Video • June 27th, 2011

  • K2 Forge

    KeylessRide's new K2 Forge system generates "rolling code" remotes on demand for hundreds of car models. The unique FLIP-mode operation allows the user to operate keyless entry functions on two vehicles. The system is easy -- simply select vehicle year...

    Product • June 23rd, 2011

  • Tibbe Locks Live On

    In 1988 the four-door Mercur Scorpio was introduced by Ford through Lincoln-Mercury dealers. This was a model designed primarily for European markets and the most interesting feature for locksmiths was that it used a new locking system. Very early 1988...

    Article • June 3rd, 2011

  • The Key To Higher Profits

    Logic America has been in business since 1997 offering a complete line of specialized locksmith supplies, key blanks, tools and equipment. In addition to their wide line of locksmith supplies, they now offer a line of low-cost Wenxing key cutting...

    Article • May 5th, 2011

  • New Uses For An A-1 Pak-A-Punch

    “Unequalled precision & versatility” is the way A-1 describes the model 3T Pak-A-Punch. Proper key originating depends on cutting keys according to the individual cutter angles specified by each lock manufacturer and using the correct depth and spaces...

    Article • May 4th, 2011

  • 2011 Automotive Guide

    The new 2011 Bianchi Automotive Guide is now available to locksmiths and automotive security professionals. The guide features information on Bianchi transponder keys, cloneable keys, 884 cloning tool, on-board programming procedures and key/vehicle...

    Product • May 3rd, 2011

  • It’s A Miracle: New Miracle-A5 Key Machine From Keyless Ride

    The Miracle-A5 key machine, distributed by Keyless Ride, can either originate a new automotive key by known cuts or decode cuts and originate from an existing key. One of interesting features of the Miracle-A5 is the capability of originating most types...

    Article • April 1st, 2011

  • Tri-Code HS

    The Tri-Code H.S. is an electronic key machine specifically designed to be used by automotive dealers, and locksmiths, to cut “laser style” high security keys by code number or duplication. If key wear is detected on the pattern (original...

    Product • April 1st, 2011

  • Bravo III with EZ Jaw

    The Bravo III with EZ Jaw™ key duplicating machine is new to the prior generations of popular Bravo models. This new model features the new EZ-Jaw™, which allows the operator to switch from one vise station to another faster, and with a minimal effort...

    Product • April 1st, 2011

  • Bianchi Focus

    The Focus machine is a manual machine designed to specifically cut Ford & Jaguar 6-cut Tibbe keys by code.

    Product • January 31st, 2011

  • Bianchi 303

    The Bianchi 303 duplicates high security laser and dimple type keys. Its robust construction and innovative design result in an extremely durable, precise and easy to use machine. This machine is the tank of its class at 51 lbs. with heavy casting that...

    Product • January 31st, 2011

  • Laser 994

    The Laser 994 is considered the most advanced electronic high security key cutting machine in the market. Featuring a touch screen console, stand-alone unit and up to date code series - this is all you will need to cut high security keys by code. Plus...

    Product • January 31st, 2011

  • 2010 Locksmith Ledger Editorial Index

    This reference is issued as a continuation of the annual Locksmith Ledger Editorial Index. The listings cover the material that was published in the Locksmith Ledger during 2010. The purpose of this section, as well as previous supplements, is to...

    Article • January 5th, 2011