Control Panels

  • SDC 931 series

    The SDC 931 series Vandal Resistant Piezo Electric Digital Keypad and Controller features the choice of narrow or single gang mount and 6 PIN codes of three to eight digits each. Additional features include: Two Form C Relay outputs; Two user groups...

    Product • January 21st, 2009

  • QEL

    Hospital nurseries and patient rooms, libraries, museums, theaters and other locales requiring electrified hardware that operates at whisper-quiet levels can now incorporate the quiet electronic latch (QEL) option for Von Duprin 98/99 and 33a/35a series...

    Product • January 21st, 2009

  • Super Term-8

    Superterm-8 is Continental's intelligent expandable controller that supports access control functions for one to eight doors. Our distributed processor based panel operates as a standalone unit in the event server-communications are interrupted. Once...

    Product • December 16th, 2008

  • ST-LA Voltage Converters

    SECO-LARM is now shipping the ST-LA series of Voltage Converters for converting 12/24 VAC/VDC into regulated and filtered 5/12/24 VDC. Two versions are available: The 1Amp ST-LA110-TTQ and the 500mA ST-LA105-TTQ. Both can be used to create low-voltage...

    Product • October 23rd, 2008

  • ECKey Smartphone Access Controls

    Company • September 24th, 2008

  • Gemini

    Napco's latest field-proven Gemini crystal controlled wireless window/door transmitter appeals to home and business owners in search of a transmitter that easily goes unnoticed. The Low-Profile Transmitter, known as GEM-TRANSLP, virtually disappears in...

    Product • August 14th, 2008

  • Altronix ACM4

    The Altronix ACM4 distributes 12/24V AC or DC over four independently controlled Fail-Safe and/or Fail-Secure outputs to power and control electric strikes and magnetic locks. Designed for smaller access control applications, the ACM4's four independently...

    Product • August 14th, 2008

  • 621 Power Supply

    The SDC 621 1-Amp power supply provides an economical solution for access control and lock power needs. Available in three configurations including power supply board only, board with plug-in transformer or board, enclosure and plug-in transformer...

    Product • July 31st, 2008

  • Altronix Corp.

    Company • November 27th, 2007

  • Continental Access

    Since 1961, Continental Access has been used all over the world. Our scalable enterprise class systems support all reader and ID technologies from Prox to Biometrics and full cardholder CHUID numbers from all FIPS201, TWIC and CAC cards. At Continental...

    Company • November 27th, 2007

  • Linear, LLC

    Linear LLC is a pioneer in engineered radio frequency (RF) products and is a major supplier of wireless residential security systems, access control, intercoms, garage door operators, gate operators, short- and long-range radio remote controls, and...

    Company • November 27th, 2007

  • Secura Key

    Secura Key has been a leading access control manufacturer for over 40 years, offering contactless smart card, proximity and RFID technologies, standalone access control units and complete systems controlling up to 200 doors. Secura Key located in...

    Company • November 27th, 2007

  • Schlage, An Allegion Brand

    Company • November 27th, 2007

  • Bosch Security Systems

    Company • November 27th, 2007

  • Designed Security Inc.

    Company • November 27th, 2007