Exit Alarms

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  • Detex Battery-Powered Door Prop Alarm System Key For Campus Security

    Battery powered alarm system ideal for retrofitting situations in older educational facilities

    News • December 13th, 2013

  • Integrated Exit Alarms and Access Control

    An alarm function can be part of an integrated solution such as an exit device, delayed egress, access control, or security alarm.

    Article • April 1st, 2013

  • Securitech’s Trident Multi-Point Exit Lock Helps Retailers Combat Theft

    Delayed egress was the last major feature added to the Trident system. Many retail stores want to prevent both as break-ins and grab and runs. The Trident with delayed egress option fills this need with a code compliant system.

    Article • December 3rd, 2012

  • Detex Outdoor Area System Secures Garden Center

    Detex Corporation offers a life safety and security hardware system designed specifically for retail buildings that have areas exposed to the weather.

    News • October 30th, 2012

  • Wireless Exit Stopper®

    Supervised wireless door alarm helps stop unauthorized exits and entries of fire/emergency doors. When activated, the STI-6400WIR4 emits an ear piercing alarm for 30 seconds, three minutes or continuously and sends a radio signal, alerting it has been...

    Product • March 29th, 2012

  • Battery Powered Door-Prop Alarm

    Detex Corporation's new EAX-300 Battery Powered Door-Propped Alarm sounds an alert when a secured door is propped open. It provides a low-cost security solution because it requires no electrical connection and is quick and easy to install. The EAX-300...

    Product • January 9th, 2012

  • 300 Series Exit Alarms

    Arrow 300 Series auto-relatching Exit Alarms feature a flashing red LED indicator when a violation occurs. Light continues to flash beyond alarm cycle and can only be turned off by the inside key. Additional Arrow exit alarm products include the 100...

    Product • August 16th, 2011

  • Back Page. September 2011

    10 Years Ago Exit Alarms were on the cover of the September 2001 issue of Locksmith Ledger. Dick Zunkel wrote about the Evolution and Applications for Exit Alarms. Tim O’Leary addresses building codes and legal issues regarding exit devices and...

    Article • August 15th, 2011

  • STI Wireless Alerts

    The new STI Wireless Alert Series allows the user to monitor up to 8 different STI devices at a single, convenient location.  When a monitored site is triggered, the transmitter will send a signal to the receiver, causing it to beep and flash...

    Product • April 12th, 2011

  • Networx™ NETPANEL

    Alarm Lock debuts its Networx™  NETPANEL Wireless Prox and/or PIN Code Keypad Series with 2-Door Controller. Extremely versatile, these are the all-new networked   versions of the  popular Trilogy DK/PDK3000 Digital and HID-Reader Keypads, ideal for...

    Product • February 9th, 2011

  • Detex WDE EasyKit

    Detex WDE EasyKits provide a 15-second delay and 100dB alarm when someone attempts to exit.  The WDE EasyKit is designed for outdoor applications such as garden center gates, amusement parks, sports arenas and any location exposed to weather or...

    Product • January 26th, 2011

  • Door Alarms and Building Codes

    A healthcare facility was concerned about meeting code requirements but also needed to prevent patients from wandering off in the event of an emergency

    Article • December 3rd, 2010

  • NetworxTM

    ASIS Booth 3333 Alarm Lock's keyless access solutions delivers clean, fast deployment from one standalone door lock to thousands of inter-networked ones called Networx TM . Its most-popular, field-proven cylindrical Trilogy electronic access control...

    Product • September 16th, 2010

  • Early Warning System: RCI Early Warning EM Lock

    In this installation, the Early Warning EM Lock is used to separate two portions of a medical clinic and to alert owners to forced entry attempts.

    Article • September 3rd, 2010

  • PG 30 Door Alarm

    Alarm Lock's multi-purpose PG30 door alarm is used on applications such as employee exit/entry doors, delivery doors, hospital stairwell doors, rear retail doors and theater doors. PG30's sleek design and choice of metallic silver or metallic bronze...

    Product • January 21st, 2010

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