Door Hardware

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  • Decorative Hardware Showcase

    A round-up of the latest decorative door hardware products available to the locksmith market.

    Article • June 1st, 2005

  • Installing a Sargent Electric Exit Device

    The SARGENT 56-8813 electrified exit device with trim was installed onto a Curries hollow metal door.

    Article • May 1st, 2005


    The HE Series Designer Entrance Handleset provides customers with a way to easily upgrade the look and security of residential exterior doors.

    Article • April 1st, 2005

  • State-of-the-Art Door & Electronic Access Control Make-Over

    A small high-tech software firm had leased a new space and they needed to get things secured. They wanted their security put into place quickly so as to minimize losses, but also stipulated that the installation process could not interfere with the...

    Article • March 15th, 2005

  • Door Troubleshooting and Installation

    Do your homework before replacing a door; carefully check the condition of all the components. Any problems with the hinges and jamb must be resolved before measurements are taken for the replacement door.

    Article • January 15th, 2005

  • Residential Hardware Choices

    Offer different styles, finishes and products to give your customers a choice they can't find at the big box stores.

    Article • December 15th, 2004

  • Are You a Hingesmith? Door Hardware Beyond The Lock

    A locksmith is more than just a key cutter.

    Article • October 15th, 2004

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