Door Closers

  • 7100SZ Series SAFEZONE

    Designed with safety in mind, SafeZone® takes door closers to the next level. SafeZone uses a multi-point, electromechanical closer and a programmable motion sensor. When the door is opened manually, SafeZone senses movement in the door opening and stops...

    Product • October 14th, 2010

  • MARKS USA Expands Product Line

    Marks USA is now truly a one-stop company for almost any architectural hardware product.

    Article • October 1st, 2010

  • Surface Mounted Door Closer Accessories and Options

    Determining exactly what the end-user needs and installing the best door closer with the appropriate arm and options will give your customer many years of trouble free operation.

    Article • October 1st, 2010

  • Banner Thunderbird Sticks With Sargent Locks

    The 2009 expansion of Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale, AZ, was all about the doors - literally and figuratively. From a figurative perspective, the expansion opened up the door to a new level of medical attention and patient service With...

    Article • October 1st, 2010

  • Marks USA Line

    ASIS Booth 3333 Since 1977, Marks USA's expanding product line has helped to meet the needs of the growing security hardware market. Products include architectural grade, BHMA & UL code compliant life safety, mortise, cylindrical and tubular locksets...

    Product • September 16th, 2010

  • Gate Closers

    RIXSON introduces its new gate closers with sliding arm, Models 1350 and 1351. Extremely easy to install and operate, these dependable surface-mounted closers facilitate a soft opening - and a strong closing - each time the gate is engaged. Ideal for...

    Product • January 21st, 2010

  • 27-180 Floor Closer

    RIXSON introduces the latest option on its flagship line of 27 series floor closers, the 27-180, which features a 180-degree swing. It is available in both standard 27 and heavy-duty model L27. Features include non-hold open or automatic hold-open...

    Product • January 21st, 2010

  • 5700 Series Low Energy Operator

    The 5700 Series design is based on ease and simplicity. This unit installs in minutes rather than hours and consists of three basic components: inverter, motor and Norton's 1601 closer body. Quiet and dependable, the 5700 meets the requirements of...

    Product • January 21st, 2010

  • Installing The LCN 4040XP With Spring Cush Arm

    The LCN 4040XP is the second generation heavy duty door closer designed to withstand even more rigorous applications.

    Article • January 8th, 2010

  • Pool Gate Solution: Positive Force Gate Closing System

    The Positive Force Gate Closing System is based on an overhead concealed door closer whose arm can travel in both directions. Locksmiths have installed these hydraulic closers for over 40 years.

    Article • January 8th, 2010

  • Delayed Egress: The Safe Solution for Security, Loss Prevention & Patient Safety

    The locksmith must determine the hierarchy of LAHJs for a particular situation, and to take the necessary steps to assure compliance.

    Article • January 8th, 2010

  • Norton Trinity 9000 Series Door Closer

    The basic design of a door closer is to safely close, latch and secure a door without slamming or endangering persons trying to enter or leave through the doorway opening. For most applications and taking into account the frame and door are in...

    Article • November 1st, 2009

  • Creating a Preemptive Defense Against Personal Injury Lawsuits

    The best way to avoid a personal injury lawsuit is to keep door hardware, particularly closers and operators, in good working order.

    Article • September 1st, 2009

  • Commercial Security Hardware: It All Starts With The Door

    Doors can be equipped with push / pull hardware, door viewers, sweeps, plates, flush bolts, center pivots, offset pivots, butt hinges, concealed over-head hinges, floor closers, or over-head surface / concealed closers.

    Article • September 1st, 2009

  • Product Showcase

    E-Plex® 3200 Narrow Stile ASIS Booth 4239 DHI Booth 1121 Kaba Access Control introduces the E-Plex 3200 Series Narrow Stile Lock, an electronic, software-controlled, PIN-based lock for narrow stile aluminum glass door applications that...

    Article • September 1st, 2009