Card Credentials

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  • Problem Solver: Multi-Credential Readers Create Flexibilities

    Your customers can upgrade on their preferred timelines. When their switch to smart cards comes about, they will not have to tear out and re-install all of their facilities’ readers.

    Article • September 3rd, 2013

  • aptiQ™ Multi-Credential Reader: Mapping The Road To Increased Security

    aptiQ™ meets the needs of magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card applications, allowing end-users expand and/or upgrade credential technologies easily.

    Article • March 4th, 2013

  • Networx by Trilogy

    Alarm Lock’s Trilogy Networx Access Locks can provide schools, hospitals, and business campuses, global lock-down and unlock commands, activated from the PC/server or from any one of the Networx Locks -- in under 10 seconds. In threatening...

    Product • February 12th, 2013

  • Secura Key Continues to Provide Wiegand Cards to the Access Control Industry

    Secura Key also manufactures multi-technology Wiegand cards, such as Wiegand + Contactless, for those who would like to transition to a newer card technology.

    News • January 10th, 2013

  • Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Named ISG 2011 Partner of the Year

    Open system solution accelerates issuing smartcards

    Press Release • May 17th, 2012

  • Integrated Badge Printing

    Secura Key has added Badge Printing capability to its SK-NET™ Access Control Software, which is included with the SK-NET-MLD software, Version 5.0, which is available in the first quarter of 2012. This feature is ideal for the customer who needs to...

    Product • February 17th, 2012

  • News Briefs: Average College Student Uses ID Card for 6.36 Applications

    Access to buildings, identification, cafeteria/food courts, library, bookstore purchases, printing and vending, in that order, are the leading applications for which American college students use their school-issued cards, according to a recent study by...

    Article • November 2nd, 2011

  • The World of Multi-Credentials: Which System Is Right for Your Customer?

    As security breaches and hacks are being reported daily, there is a growing awareness of the fallibilities of conventional security technologies and a heightened demand for better methods of access control. Locksmiths recall the bump key episodes...

    Article • September 30th, 2011

  • Schlage Locks Offer Flexibility

    In the midst of a challenging economy, increased competition and the many emerging technologies reaching the mainstream security markets, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has transitioned its divisions and its product line to deliver a leaner, greener...

    Article • August 11th, 2011

  • Going Wireless With the Alarm Lock NetworxPanel

    The Alarm Lock Trilogy and wireless Networx comprise a comprehensive product group which offers a unique set of solutions to the access control installer. Alarm Lock introduced a viable electronic standalone decades ago, and has been constantly evolving...

    Article • July 14th, 2011

  • Schlage OEM100 Reader Module

      M anufacturers of turnstiles, vending machines, service kiosks and other manufactured goods that could gain a competitive advantage by reading the most popular proximity cards and/or smart cards can now embed the Schlage OEM100 multi-technology...

    Product • July 13th, 2011

  • ASSA C4 System Secures Columbus Airport

    Today’s security professional faces enormous challenges in securing our transportation infrastructure. From large international airports with millions of passengers passing through each year to small, regional train stations and bus depots, the need for...

    Article • June 29th, 2011

  • Compact Reader 3078

    The Compact Reader 3078  brings passive smartcard technology to any SimonsVoss lock. When mounted near the SimonsVoss lock, this wireless reader allows MIFARE Classic or MIFARE DESFire cards to be securely used as access credentials. All...

    Product • June 24th, 2011

  • Integrating Electronic Components

    A recent barrier gate project required us to coordinate not only contractors and electricians, but also the various components required to develop a working system. Our system was comprised of several high technology components, and while it was not the...

    Article • June 10th, 2011

  • Transitioning To Electronics: Getting Started In CCTV

    “Access control is a lot more involved because you’re dealing with hardware considerations, codes, cable going back, the controller, creating different sites, etc. CCTV is much simpler.”

    Article • June 7th, 2011

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