Wireless Entry Alert System

Wireless Entry Alert System

Wireless Entry Alert System Product Image

The Seco-Larm ENFORCER Wireless Entry Alert System (model  E-931CS22RFCQ) contains a reflective photoelectric beam sensor that, when tripped, communicates wirelessly with a speaker located up to 328 feet (100m) away. An additional speaker may be installed to alert more than one area in the property and an optional solar charger may be installed with the sensor for even more convenience. Sample applications include storefront entrances, houses, driveways, and much more.

Sensor range: Up to 22 ft (7m)

Wireless range: Up to 328 ft (100m)
* For monitoring a driveway or use as an entrance indicator
* No wiring between the speaker and sensor; when tripped, the sensor wirelessly transmits to any programmed speaker
* Sensor is weatherproof for outdoor use
* Speaker makes chime or alarm sound if beam is interrupted
* Adjustable speaker volume
* When in alarm mode, sounding time is adjustable from 1~30 seconds

Optional accessories are also available. These include:
E-931ACC-SFQ – Extra wireless speaker
E-931ACC-SPQ – Solar panel attachment and 3.7V lithium-ion battery add-on for sensor
E-931ACC-CQ – Digital counter attachment automatically tracks how often the E-931CS22RFCQ is triggered
(NOTE: Ranges indicated are for operation in ideal open-air conditions.)

More Info: www.seco-larm.com.


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StarLink 3G/4G

Product From Napco Security Systems

Napco's updated StarLink™ 3 Future-Proof Universal Radio Series can be upgraded anytime there are progressions in cell networks, from 2G to 5G to xxG, down the road, without ever replacing the radio.  

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Wireless Doorbell

Product From Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

STI's Wireless Doorbell Button with 4-Channel Voice Receiver conveniently lets you know when a guest or customer is waiting. When the doorbell button is activated, it sends a wireless radio signal to the voice receiver. The receiver sounds a programmable voice message; select from 10 tones/tunes, 

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Magnetic and Electronic Non-contact Safety Switch Interlocks

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation

NEW Multi-gate Monitoring, Non-Contact Interlock Switch System Available from Tapeswitch (HE Series)

Tapeswitch Corporation offers a complete product line of non-contact interlocks for guard, enclosure, gate, and hard guard interlocking.
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Wireless Garage Sentry Alert

Product From Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

Supervised wireless alert lets you know when your garage door is open or closed. When the protected garage door is opened, the sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver which will alert and provide door status (open or closed). Wireless Garage Sentry Alert Model STI-34300 includes a battery operated sensor and 4-Channel Receiver. Range is up to 1000 feet (line of sight) and is supervised for battery and signal reception.

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STI Wireless Alerts

Product From Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

The new STI Wireless Alert Series allows the user to monitor up to 8 different STI devices at a single, convenient location.  When a monitored site is triggered, the transmitter will send a signal to the receiver, causing it to beep and flash.

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Product From Visonic Americas Inc.

 Visonic Ltd. introduces Smart-Link — a new solution that turns any smart phone or smart device into a smart PowerMax alarm system keypad. Taking advantage of smart phone technology, Smart-Link gives homeowners immediate control of their PowerMax alarm system, in their home, with the most advanced touch keypad available on the market: their own personal smart phone. A completely self-contained stand alone solution, Smart-Link uses Visonic's renowned PowerLink and a private Wi-Fi network to communicate between any smart device and the PowerMax control panel.Installation takes seconds with no prior knowledge or configuration required. It supports countless smart devices and up to 12 Wi-Fi cameras, enabling home owners to view various areas of the house.

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Honeywell Wireless Key

Product From Honeywell Security Group

Honeywell's wireless keyfob allows homeowners to summon police, fire and other designated emergency contacts with the push of a button. The 5834-4 Wireless Key offers up to eight programmable functions, including the standard lock and unlock functions, and is 15 percent smaller than previous keyfob models.

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External Motion Detector

Product From Potter Electric Signal Co.

Potter's new PIR-TECT external Motion Detectors simplify project design by offering the ability to program a single device for short-range, mid-range, or long-range applications. The PIR-TECT's flexible mounting height (up to 20 feet) and adjustable pan (180°) and tilt (90°) allow the view of a security camera and the PIR-TECT sensor to coincide, providing more accurate threat detection. A single PIR-TECT device can be programmed for ranges of 30, 65, or 98 feet, thus eliminating the need for multiple devices and reducing costs and inventory. Information: www.pottersignal.com.

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Wireless Smoke Detector

Product From ELK Products

 With new laws requiring sounders and smoke detectors in every bedroom in addition to every common point of egress, the ELK-6050 Wireless Smoke Detector provides a two-way wireless solution with a built-in sounder. 

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CAT Series - Controlled Access Technology

Product From Select Engineered Systems Inc.

The CAT series ( Controlled Access Technology) is a full featured access control system. These systems can be expanded to control up to 16 doors and 255 relay points for control of elevators, HVAC, lights or other facility control point that require activation or monitoring (may require optional CAT Card Reader expansion and Relay expansion module).

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