RegulatoR Cabinet Lock

RegulatoR Cabinet Lock

RegulatoR Cabinet Lock Product Image

MAULDIN, SC (May 13, 2013) – CompX Security Products announces the release of
RegulatoR keyless, electronic pushbutton cabinet lock for new or retrofit applications. The RegulatoR is available in two versions: self-locking and manual locking.

The self-locking version features SlamCAM, a spring loaded latching mechanism, which
allows the user to close the cabinet door or drawer – no need to return the knob to the
locked position. To operate the self-locking RegulatoR, users enter a valid code on the membrane keypad and press enter. The correct code allows the knob and SlamCAM to be rotated simultaneously 90 degrees into an open position. Since the knob is spring-loaded, simply releasing the knob returns the SlamCAM back into latching position. The SlamCAM,
which is also spring-loaded, operates very similar to standard entry door hardware – users just need to push the cabinet door or drawer closed.

The manual locking version uses conventional cams to secure the application and allows users to rotate the knob into the unlocked and locked position. Manual locking version can be programmed into single use, also known as locker mode. Once the RegulatoR is programmed into single use, the lock is in an unlocked position. This enables users to program their own code into the lock and secure their belongings. The same code opens the lock and remains open until a new code is entered.

Both versions include (2) AAA batteries which provide for 50,000 openings, a low battery indicator, and convenient external battery access for easy removal and installation of batteries. The RegulatoR’s easy to clean membrane keypad is extremely durable and provides a smooth, crevice free surface.

RegulatoR is available in three different keypad configurations – left hand, right hand and vertical – and uses a ¾” mounting hole and a smaller, secondary attachment point. Three cylinder lengths are available for material thickness up to 1-7/16”.

RegulatoR is ideal for healthcare, education, lockers, laboratory, retail display and office furniture environments. RegulatoR applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient room cabinet/lockers
  • Supply cabinets
  • Personnel lockers
  • Computer server racks
  • Office furniture cabinets/drawers
  • Audio visual cabinets
  • Reception and conference furniture
  • Retail display cabinets

CompX Security Products domestically manufactures high quality locking systems under
four brand names - CompX National, CompX Fort, CompX Timberline, and CompX
Chicago. More Info:

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Kitlock 1000 with Easy Change Spindle

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The Codelocks KitLock 1000 now comes with an easy-change spindle pack which allows you to decide what spindle length is the best fit for your cabinet or locker door. The KitLock will mount flush against the exterior face of the cabinet panel, locker or drawer. Three spindle options are provided: Standard for doors up to 3/4" thick, Spare Spindle for doors up to 1" thick and Spare Spindle for metal sheet doors up to 1/4" thick.

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Electronic Cabinet Locks

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CyberLock offers a wide variety of electronic cabinet locks. The CyberKey smart key contains a battery and powers up the lock, eliminating the need for power or wiring. Users can control who has access to a lock and when, lost keys can be deactivated, and the keys and locks audit openings and unauthorized access attempts. Visit CyberLock at ISC West Booth # 19116.

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HES KS100 Server Cabinet Lock

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ISC West Booth 8061

The KS100 server cabinet lock with Aperio® technology brings real-time access control in a single-card system to individual server cabinet doors. It uses local wireless communication between the lock and Aperio hub to connect to an access control system, greatly improving the monitoring and security level of each server cabinet. This convenient system uses existing ID badges so there are no keys to control or replace and no codes to secure or remember. 

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E-PRO Touch

Product From LockeyUSA

With a sleek and contemporary design, accented by a stylish satin chrome finish, the Lockey E-PRO Touch electronic lever lock with touchscreen keypad is ideal for doors of homes and offices with modern decor.

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Medeco Aperio Cabinet Lock

Product From Medeco, An ASSA ABLOY Group Brand

October 21, 2013, Salem, VA – The Medeco® K100 battery operated cabinet lock with Aperio Technology makes it easy and cost effective to bring access control to applications where audit trail and monitoring are becoming increasingly critical such as in healthcare facilities, schools, universities and businesses. It uses local wireless communication between the lock and an Aperio hub to connect to an access control system, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of bringing wiring to the cabinet.

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Keyless security for sliding-glass doors

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Too often the focus of door security is placed solely on main entry doors and excludes secondary entry ways.  Many homes have sliding-glass doors that come standard with low-security locks that can be easily picked and manipulated.  Sliding-glass doors create vulnerable entry-points to homes that are often ignored, while greater focus is placed on securing front doors with

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Combi-Cam E-Series Eco-Friendly Electronic Cabinet Lock

Product From FJM Security Products

FJM Security Products' new Combi-Cam E-Series electronic cabinet lock offers master/manager code, one-time-use functionality in an eco-friendly lock with up to 10-year battery life – drastically reducing the hazard of battery waste. 

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SFIC Drawer Latch Lock

Product From Olympus Lock Inc.

The new Olympus Lock L72V square body drawer latch lock for Best-style small format interchangeable core has the same case dimensions and screw hole placement as other Olympus large square body SFIC locks such as the 950IC and 721DR/DW series. Olympus Lock's growing family of SFIC cabinet locks now includes the 720, 721, 722, 723, 724, 725, 728, 729 and 950 series. The L72V accepts SFIC cylinders such as Best, Arrow, Falcon or equivalent and is available in US26D (satin chrome) finish. The lock is furnished with lock mounting screws and matching strike plate.

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Code-Itâ„¢ Electronic Security Handle

Product From Mul-T-Lock USA Inc.

With its sleek design, effortless installation and user-friendly operation,  the Code-It electronic security handle from Mul-T-Lock is an affordable, modern and integrated door handle/keypad lock.

Code-It is designed to lend ultimate convenience to indoor applications.  “It’s so easy for unauthorized entry or theft to occur in any workplace at virtually any given moment when the door is left unsecured,” said Sheri Butts, marketing Mmanager of Mul-T-Lock USA, Inc.  “For example, think about how often employees walk away from their office to attend a meeting, take a break, etc. often without locking the door, and consider that it only takes seconds for someone to use such an opportunity to take or view confidential information, steal equipment, laptops or other valuable items. Our Code-It electronic security handle enables discreet, easy and convenient locking that doesn’t require the user to carry a key for reentry.  It also allows for a passage mode when locking is not needed and can be ideal for so many types of applications.”

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Keyless Narrow Stile Locks

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Replace your existing keyed narrow stile lock with one of five new keyless options from Lockey USA: the 2900 deadbolt, 2950 Hook bolt, 2930, 2945, and 2985 heavy duty latch, knob and lever solutions. The Lockey 2900 series come with everything you need to replace an existing keyed narrow stile lock, and fits right into the existing prep.  Available in both single and double- sided combination and with optional weldable gate boxes, the 2900 series locks can secure your perimeter gates as well.

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