Sesamee® Round Body Padlocks

SesameeĀ® Round Body Padlocks

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Sesamee® round body padlocks offer the greatest security and fit for real world applications. They are virtually indestructible, with hardened, chrome plated solid steel bodies that resist cutting, sawing and corrosion and hardened boron alloy steel shackles that offer superior cut resistance.

The Sesamee® 936 & 937 series features five pin brass cylinders and dual ball bearing locking mechanisms to resist picking, pulling and prying. They’re ideal for securing security gates, sheds, truck and van doors, industrial machinery and construction equipment. The Sesamee® 936 & 937 series is completely interchangeable with the American Lock 700. The product is available Keyed Alike, Keyed Differently and Custom.  

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Extreme Environment Padlock Covers

Product From Master Lock Co.

Master Lock Company LLC now offers a new line of safety padlock covers that protect your padlocks from extreme conditions in environments where Lockout/Tagout procedures are performed.  These highly durable Master Lock® Extreme Environment Safety Padlock Covers are available for American Lock® A1100 series Aluminum Locks, Master Lock 6835 series Aluminum Locks, and 410, 406, 411 and S30 Zenex Thermoplastic Locks. Constructed from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material, the covers are built and designed to seal the shackle and keyway to help keep out dust, grime and other debris that can damage the lock components. 

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PL5 Mechatronic Padlock

Product From Acsys Access Control Systems

Acsys's flagship lock, deployed on 1000s of sites across Africa, France, and the Middle East. Fully programmable. This is the ultimate solution for gate security and is heavily used in the telecom industry. Can be fitted with a high-security hasp for the ultimate in protection against everything from prying to sawing.

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ShurLok II Lockboxes

Product From FJM Security Products

FJM Security Products announces the new addition to its popular ShurLok and KeyGuard lockboxes, the ShurLok II, which has the same patented dual combination feature as the original models, but comes with a front-loading key vault. ShurLok II features include:

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CyberLock Catalog

Product From CyberLock Inc.

CyberLock, Inc. has released a new catalog that is packed with helpful information on CyberLock electronic locks and smart padlocks. CyberLock brings electronic access control and audit tracking to mechanical locks simply by removing the lock’s cylinder and replacing it with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. The catalog covers just about everything you’ve wanted to know about this type of access technology.

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145 Series Combination Padlocks

Product From ABUS USA

ABUS combination padlocks provide a quick, easy solution for securing luggage, tool boxes, lockers, cabinets and much more. The 145 Series is made with a solid aluminum lock body with anodized coating, which provides superior corrosion resistance. Depending on its size, it comes with a three- or four-digit individually resettable code.  

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WatchLockPadlock With Online Monitoring

Product From Mul-T-Lock USA Inc.

Mul-T-Lock's WatchLock combines a high security padlock, GPS locating system and SIM card-based communication technology to provide real-time event and location monitoring through email, text or web application. The padlock is the ideal solution for difficult to secure locations which don’t allow for easy physical inspection of a lock.

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Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Padlocks

Product From American Lock Co. a Division of Master Lock Company, LLC

American Lock marks its 100th anniversary with a commemorative A700 neon sign and limited edition padlocks.  Also on display at trade shows in 2012 will be the American Lock Stainless Steel Solid Body padlocks.  With stainless steel and brass internal components plus stainless body and shackles, they exceed ASTM grade 6 standards in saltwater and other extreme environments, providing the ultimate in corrosion resistance. 

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190 Series Heavy Duty Combination Padlock

Product From ABUS USA

The ABUS 190 Series pairs flexibility of a resettable combination lock with the strength to withstand most forms of physical attack.  The solid hardened steel body and special alloy shackle provide a secure outer shell to protect the internal components. The 190 series is a 4-digit resettable combination lock available in two sizes (shrouded and non-shrouded).  It comes standard with a precision locking mechanism with special protection against manipulation. The lock and shackle are plated with a CDC coating for protection against the harsh weather elements.

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158KC Combination Padlock

Product From ABUS USA

New from ABUS is the 158KC combination padlock.  If the combination to the padlock has been lost or forgotten, the override key allows the user to open the padlock and reveal the actual combination by rotating the dials until they come to a complete stop.  The end user still has the ability to set their own combination and to change it as often as they choose.

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PLW330N Super Weatherproof Padlock

Product From Abloy Security Inc.

The ABLOY PROTEC CLIQ PLW330N Super Weatherproof Padlock (SWP) features a programmable electromechanical lock designed to operate in harsh conditions. Its construction ensures that rainwater, dust and dirt cannot penetrate into the lock mechanism.

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