SK-NET™ Version 4.02

SK-NETâ„¢ Version 4.02

SK-NETâ„¢ Version 4.02 Product Image

Secura Key's new SK-NET™ Version 4.02  includes enhancements allowing the software to work better with SK-EZ/ID Photo Badge Design and Printing Software when large numbers of photos, and/or large photo file sizes are used. It adds an activity log entry for User Add, Delete, and Modify, as well as various other improvements. It also works with Microsoft® Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

SK-NET™ software controls a network of SK-ACP 2-door access control panels, allowing up to 100 panels per location. It can connect to the network via RS-232, RS-485, or TCP/IP. The SK-NET-MLD version allows multiple locations connected via TCP/IP or dialup modem, and the SK-NET-MLD-CS version allows client-server operation and multiple simultaneous users. SK-NET uses the Sybase Advantage database, which is ODBC compliant. Information:


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Long-Range Proximity Card Reader

Product From Rosslare Security Products

Rosslare Security introduces its new AY-U900 UHF Long-Range Proximity Card Reader to fit a wide range of RFID applications, such as transport management, vehicle management, car parking, production process control, and access control.

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Enterprise Access Control

Product From Linear LLC (formerly IEI)

Linear, LLC introduces Linear Enterprise, a browser-based, embedded network appliance and access control system available through select Linear dealers and equipped for large-scale installations. Enterprise offers remote management, low total cost of ownership (

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System Galaxy Software

Product From Galaxy Control Systems

Galaxy Control Systems’ System Galaxy Software emphasizes connectivity, interfacing with all legacy Galaxy hardware and infrastructure. With active directory support for real-time identity management, individualized identity-based door access, and audit reports for each screen view or credential holder. Share data with visitor management, time clocks, parking garages etc. Includes one-minute door open schedules with 100 additional day types. The system has an unconditional two-year warranty, accommodates unlimited users and is accessible from mobile devices.

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Product From Locksoft LLC

PowerKeyOne is a simple, easy to use master keying program that generates bitting lists in the Standard Progression Format (SPF). While the program was designed for use by locksmiths who are familiar with master keying, it can also be used effectively by the beginner.

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EL Series Electronic Lock

Product From Stanley Security Solutions, Inc.

The new EL Series electronic lock from Stanley is designed for a variety of commercial market applications. From retail, assisted living, and banking to multi-family, industrial and other commercial office buildings, this new proximity reader is easy to program and install and provides a low cost of ownership. The standalone lock requires no additional software and can be upgraded to the wireless option. The EL Series lock: extra security, control and peace of mind at a price you can afford. 

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3-D Pro Xtreme / Genericode

Product From Framon Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Framon Manufacturing Company and Laser Key Products have teamed up to bring you an amazing key machine backed by fantastic code software! Genericode is now capable of running the 3-D Pro Xtreme key machine. Easily look up high security and standard key codes, click the “Cut Key” button and let the Xtreme do the rest. Tracing functionality is also built into the software. Version 13 owners can update their programs at no additional cost; Version 12 and previous owners need only buy the most recent update to enjoy the new functionality.

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RFID Flat Pad Antenna

Product From Secura Key

Secura Key announces its new Model ET-ANT 13x9 flat pad antenna for read/write desktop applications, such as library checkout, inventory systems, or other track and trace applications requiring the reading of any articles, documents and books which are identified with HF contactless labels. 

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Genericode V13

Product From Framon Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Genericode Version 13 code software is now available. The program includes domestic and foreign codes including a new "Sidewinder Codes" section. An updated Vehicle section allows users to enter year, make and model and view code information for almost any vehicle. Reverse codes / progressions are also included. Genericode is compatible with almost all code cutting equipment in use today and will download to ITL 950, 9000 and Framon FRA-2001 code machines. Users of prior versions can call their distributor or contact Framon at 989-354-5623 for updates. Genericode is compatible with Windows XP and higher operating systems. More Info: 

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CyberAudit Professional 3.0

Product From CyberLock Inc.

CyberLock, Inc. has released several software enhancements to its CyberAudit Professional management system. CyberAudit Professional 3.0 software offers streamlined reporting and notification capabilities, compatibility with CyberKey Vaults and Flex System input and output devices, and provides activation for the Flex System Door & I/O module relay device.

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ACTpro Enterprise

Product From Access Control Technologies Inc.

Access Control Technology has released their latest access control software application, ACTpro Enterprise, for use with the ACTpro range of door controllers and card readers. 

ACTpro Enterprise delivers three modules with the functionality based on the role of the user.

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