Beamii Lock Light

Beamii Lock Light

Beamii Lock Light Product Image

The touch-activated Beamii Lock Light eliminates fumbling for the right key and door lock in the dark.  Featuring no wires or switches, and easily mounted on house, garage or shed doors or fuse boxes, the durable plastic device turns off after 45 seconds to preserve battery life.

The light is available in white, brown, black, gold and silver colors. It comes with a replaceable long-life 3.6 volt lithium battery. The bright LED is good for 10,000 hours. Retail options are 12-piece counter display, 48-piece floor display and a master pack of 48. Packaging is bilingual. For more information, visit 

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GM Key Changes

Product From Strattec Security Corp.

General Motors has revised the head of the ignition/door keys for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and 2014 GMC Sierra. These keys are STRATTEC part numbers 5924205 (Silverado) and 5924206 (Sierra). The photo on this page shows the new heads. It was a running change on the part of GM and we are now out of stock on the old style heads so we are only shipping the new heads at this time. There is no change to the programming and they still remain a “10 Cut” design.  Continue to order the same part numbers as they have not changed either. All current Ford part numbers can be found along with the applications at

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Long-Range Proximity Card Reader

Product From Rosslare Security Products

Rosslare Security introduces its new AY-U900 UHF Long-Range Proximity Card Reader to fit a wide range of RFID applications, such as transport management, vehicle management, car parking, production process control, and access control.

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E-lectroloc™ Smart, Programmable Locking System

Product From Highfield Manufacturing Company

Highfield Manufacturing Company extends its e-lectroloc™ smart, programmable locking system line to include padlocks, puck locks and T-handle core locks.  These new locks are designed to help end users control access to their facilities and protect critical assets in a wide range of institutions and industries, such as rail, trucking, utility, maintenance, delivery, gaming and vending.   

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S Series Padlocks

Product From Master Lock Co.

Master Lock® Safety Solutions™ has introduced the S-series padlock line, an all-new line of aluminum safety padlocks specifically designed for safety lockout/tagout purposes.

To promote the new S-series line, Master Lock Safety has released a new

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X0125 Commercial Security Safe

Product From SentrySafe

Designed to protect cash, records and valuables, the SentrySafe X0125 Commercial Security Safe features solid steel pry-resistant door and body to protect against theft and unauthorized entry.  

Dimensions are: Exterior 10.6in x 16.9in x 14.6in. Interior 0.5in x 16.8in x 11.6in. Capacity 1.2ft. Weight 30 pounds.

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VN-H557U PTZ Camera

Product From JVC

JVC's new VN-H557U 1080p Super LoLux HD™ network PTZ dome camera delivers excellent quality high resolution images with wide area coverage, ideal for applications such as casinos, shopping centers, airports and school campuses.

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EntryCheck™ 920 Series Digital Keypads

Product From Security Door Controls

The SDC 920 EntryCheck™ series consists of stand alone digital keypads designed to control access of a single entry point for facilities with up to 500 users. Each user is assigned a personal identification number (PIN). Keypad entry of a valid one to six digit code activates one or both of the output relays which releases an electric door lock. Optional

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Enterprise Access Control

Product From Linear LLC (formerly IEI)

Linear, LLC introduces Linear Enterprise, a browser-based, embedded network appliance and access control system available through select Linear dealers and equipped for large-scale installations. Enterprise offers remote management, low total cost of ownership (

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Torque Limiting Screwdriver

Product From Bondhus Corporation

New “ClickSet™” torque-limiting screwdrivers offer an economical solution to the problem of stripped screws and damaged carbide inserts. The screwdriver handles are available in 10 standard pre-set torque levels ranging from 4.4 in lbs. (.5NM) to 31 in lbs. (3.5NM). Interchangeable blades covering sizes T5-T15, 1.5mm to 3mm and .050” to 1/8” allow thetool user to custom-match the desired torque limiting level with the tool tip. When the pre-set torque level is reached, the mechanism slips and makes an audible “click”.

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CyberKey Air™

Product From CyberLock Inc.

The new CyberKey Air™ is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for wireless key programming of access schedules and permissions as well as real-time tracking and reporting of access events. The CyberKey Air is a programmable smart key that can be uploaded with key-holder schedules and permissions for accessing CyberLock electronic cylinders.

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