AMSEC Depository Safes

AMSEC Depository Safes

AMSEC Depository Safes Product Image

AMSEC’S DS Series depository safes provide immediate deposits and storage for cash, jewelry and miscellaneous valuables. Deposits can be made through a locked door via a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse or a front-loading deposit door. AMSEC’S Wide Body “B” Rate cash handling depository safes offer complete cash management versatility with a front load depository option and a pull-out deposit drawer (Model BWB3020D1 only). Information:

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Gardall LC Depository Safes

Product From Gardall Safe Corp.

When price is a major consideration Gardall’s Commercial Light Duty depositories are your solution. For the price conscious customer these safes feature ½” plate steel door, a formed door jam, independent relocking system, bolt detent, and 4 pre-drilled anchoring holes.  The Gardall LCS1414, LC1414, LCF2014, and LCR2014 are available with a U.L. rated S & G Group II lock or a dual key lock at no additional charge.  At an affordable price, the Gardall “LC” series will accommodate most commercial users' needs.

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Color Pro-30 Series

Product From Perma-Vault Safe Co.

Perma-Vault Safe Company is adding color options to a traditional black-box market by offering multiple bright colors on their signature product, the top loading PRO-30 Series "Cash Drop Box." Black, blue, green, orange, pink, red adn yellow are the standard colors now available. Also announced was the addition of the Ultra-Combi 4 Dial resettable combination lock with tubular key by-pass to the PRO-30 line. If the combination is lost, the over-ride key allows for opening the lock and enabling the resetting of the combination.

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X0125 Commercial Security Safe

Product From SentrySafe

Designed to protect cash, records and valuables, the SentrySafe X0125 Commercial Security Safe features solid steel pry-resistant door and body to protect against theft and unauthorized entry.  

Dimensions are: Exterior 10.6in x 16.9in x 14.6in. Interior 0.5in x 16.8in x 11.6in. Capacity 1.2ft. Weight 30 pounds.

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X-10 With Backlit LED

Product From Kaba

Kaba Mas announces a Backlit LCD feature on all X-10 Locks.  Poorly lit areas make it difficult to see a lock’s visual control. Temporary lighting is a potential security issue.  With this new backlit feature, simply turn the dial and the X-10 LCD screen illuminates. The X-10 was originally designed with the backlit feature in mind. The Backlit Feature now comes standard on all X-10’s. Nothing else changes - including part numbers or price.

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Fatboy Safe

Product From Dean Safe

Dean Safe Co. is offering Liberty’s special edition Fatboy safe with an incredible patriotic scene that will inspire all who see it.  The Fatboy is a high-quality safe for the collector, holding a total of 64 long guns.  The safe measures 60.5”T x 42”w x 27.5”d, has an S&G electronic lock, and boasts a 75-minute fire rating.  The beautiful patriotic wrap on this safe will make your customers want to showcase this masterpiece in their homes. 

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EMP Gun Safes

Product From Hollon Safe

Hollon Safe has introduced a new line of gun safes that protects against a specific – and growing – type of high-tech threat. The Republic and Reserve series safes already come standard with a new and improved dial lock from Big Red. But now the just-introduced

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Fire Safe With High-Security Electronic Lock

Product From American Security Products Co. (AMSEC)

Compete against Big Box retailers! Differentiate your products with the AMSEC U.L. Listed 1 Hr. fire safes equipped with the new ESL5LP high-security electronic lock. All New ESL5LP and ESL5 electronic locks offer an illuminated keypad with one 9-volt battery.

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Lock Duo Safe Lock

Product From Lockmasters Inc.

Lockmasters' new Lock - Duo electronic deadbolt comes with a built-in manipulation resistant 3-wheel mechanical combination lock override. This makes it a “lock-out proof" safe lock, allowing a standard mechanical combination to be dialed in the rare instance that the electronics fail or are otherwise not communicating electronically.

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Presidio Time Locks

Product From TMI Corp.

TMi’s PRESIDIO is the most durable and reliable

mechanical timelock available. PRESIDIO is designed to

secure all classes of vaults and chests. This robust timelock

is constructed to withstand high cycles of daily winding and

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Aegis Time Locks

Product From TMI Corp.

TMi’s AEGIS merges the dependability of a mechanical

gear train with the accuracy of a digital quartz timer and a

programmable micro processor. AEGIS is the most durable

and reliable digital timelock available to secure all classes

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