CyberKey Vault 20

CyberKey Vault 20

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The new Videx CyberKey Vault 20 is a smart key cabinet that offers a whole new level of accountability and key control. Unlike other key cabinets, electronic keys that are stored in the Vault contain no permissions to open any locks in a facility. When an employee needs a key, their RFID card or PIN must be entered to open the Vault and request a key to be programmed and released. The key that is released contains the access permissions specific only to that person so they can do their job: what locks they may open and when.  At the end of the work day, when the employee returns their electronic key to the Vault, an audit report of their entire key activity, lock openings, and exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to enter is automatically sent to management.
The economics of the CyberKey Vault are very attractive. Inexpensive RFID cards are used to access the Vault and the electronic key. An electronic key can be shared by any number of employees, shift-to-shift. In addition, a ring of mechanical keys can be attached to an electronic key for safekeeping in the Vault. Information:


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Combi-Cam E-Lock

Product From FJM Security Products

FJM Security Products announces the addition of the Combi-Cam E lock to its family of KeyGuard® Key Cabinets. FJM Security’s durable KeyGuard® Electronic Key Cabinets are constructed entirely of heavy gauge steel, including the high capacity key hooks and continuous “piano” hinge. 

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Traka Touch

Product From Traka, an ASSA ABLOY Group company

The Traka Touch standalone key management solution operates independently of a company’s IT system via an embedded Windows software and SQL Server database. No server is required to maintain its database. The system is managed via the full color 7-inch multi-language touchscreen on the front panel, from the initial administrative setup of users and keys to the management of day-to-day user access.

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Sequence Lock

Product From ETI Products

Institutional key control that acts as a mechanical sign-out sheet when active is available through sequence locks from ETI Products.  The sequence lock consists of two keys.  The first key is a user key, assigned to an individual. The second key, which is released by the user key, then has access to the controlled lock.  When the controlled key is released, the user key is retained until the controlled key is replaced.  The sequence retaining device establishes accountability for master keys, emergency bypass keys, access control, safety lockout and other functions. Models are available for Small Format Best, Large Format Schlage and Key N Knob Cylinders.

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Product From ASSA Inc./An ASSA ABLOY Group Co.

ASSA, Inc. introduces its latest high security patented key system, Maximum+.  The new utility patent offers legal protection for keys and cylinders that will not expire until 2029.  This latest innovation is based on a speed-controlled punching process which creates a unique geometric relationship between the side walls in the key undercut for the side code location. This creates a unique security ridge for side coding 

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CyberKey® Vault 20 FX

Product From CyberLock Inc.

 Videx, Inc. introduces the redesigned CyberKey Vault 20 FX with a sleek new look, weatherized input modules and an embedded Flex System Hub for improved performance, all offered at a new, lower price. The Vault 20 FX is an intelligent key cabinet designed to manage, program, and dispense CyberKey smart keys. The keys are stored unprogrammed and locked securely in the cabinet until an RFID card and/or PIN code is presented to the cabinet. After reading the card and/or accepting the PIN, the CyberKey Vault programs a CyberKey with the individual’s permissions. Keys are programmed with access privileges for each user, detailing which electronic locks it can open and when. An audit record of all events is stored in both the locks and the keys. 

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Intelligent Key Management Cabinets

Product From CyberLock Inc.

Videx, Inc. offers three intelligent key cabinets for secure storage and management of electronic smart keys: the CyberKey Vault 1, CyberKey Vault 20 FX, and CyberKey Vault WR. Smart keys stored in the vaults are unprogrammed until an authorized user presents the proper credentials (either an RFID card or PIN). When the authorized access is granted, a key is then programmed with the user’s access permissions and released from the vault. The management software tracks when a CyberKey is dispensed, when it returns, and provides a report of the key’s audit trail to keep employees and contractors accountable.

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Everest 29 Key System

Product From Schlage, An Allegion Brand

Schlage introduces the new Everest 29 key system providing patent protected security through 2029.  Patent protected key systems prohibit key duplication and assist a facility owner or manager in maintaining key control.  The new patented key design is backwards compatible to the current Everest cylinders allowing Everest 29 keys to work with existing Everest systems aiding the key system migration process.

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Sesamee 960 Series

Product From CCL Security Products

Sesamee’s new storage security padlock allows you to select who can access your property. It is available in wall-mount or door knob (with shackle) mount models. This new product holds multiple door or car keys, and you set your own four-digit combination for keyless convenience. Give the combination to cleaning and maintenance services, house and pet sitters, elder care personnel and children needing access after school. 

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Magnetic and Electronic Non-contact Safety Switch Interlocks

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation

NEW Multi-gate Monitoring, Non-Contact Interlock Switch System Available from Tapeswitch (HE Series)

Tapeswitch Corporation offers a complete product line of non-contact interlocks for guard, enclosure, gate, and hard guard interlocking.
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KeyWatcher® Illuminated System

Product From Morse Watchmans Inc.

Morse Watchmans' KeyWatcher® Illuminated system addresses security issues related to the management and control of keys, credit cards and other valuable items that need to be accounted for and secured when not in use. Only pre-authorized users can access the tamper-resistant KeyWatcher cabinet and all transactions are recorded to provide an audit trail of who accessed the system and when.

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