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Electronic access control that fits entirely inside a mortise cylinder; the DMC4 installs easily without wires or modifications into an aluminum storefront lock or select mortise cylinder applications. Secure wireless operation is accomplished with a standard transponder, biometric transponder, or keypad. The DMC4 brings the control and convenience of timed operation, audit records and multi-level access control and can be configured and monitored individually or through a wireless network as part of a SimonsVoss system. Information:

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Keyless security for sliding-glass doors

Product From LockeyUSA

Too often the focus of door security is placed solely on main entry doors and excludes secondary entry ways.  Many homes have sliding-glass doors that come standard with low-security locks that can be easily picked and manipulated.  Sliding-glass doors create vulnerable entry-points to homes that are often ignored, while greater focus is placed on securing front doors with

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Electrified Mortise Locks

Product From Marks USA

Marks USA offers electrified models in both mortise and cylindrical locksets in various functions. Mortise locks and solenoid operated in 6, 12, or 24 VDC. Cylindrical locks are offered with solenoid motor actuators.All locks are supplied with bridge rectifiers for use with either AC or DC current.

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KSP Large Format Mortise Housing

Product From KSP - Killeen Security Products

KSP is excited to introduce a Large Format Rim Housing that accepts Schlage Large Format Cores.  Like all of KSP’s SFIC & LFIC Mortise & Rim Housings these are available in the following finishes: 626 (26D), 625 (26), 613 (10B), 612 (10), 606 (4), and 605 (3) The P/N is 308LFIC and includes two screws, back plate and collar.

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Degree Patented Key System

Product From Sargent Manufacturing Co.

SARGENT Manufacturing Company's new  Degree patented key system is now available for mortise, rim, component and Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC) cylinders.  The  system offers patented protection from unauthorized key duplication through 2027, and all three levels are ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified, with Degree Level Three being certified to UL437 for high-security environments.

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Value Line Mortise Cylinder

Product From Arrow Lock, an ASSA ABLOY Group Co.

Arrow Lock introduces the Value line mortise cylinder, a cost-effective cylinder intended for use in schools, hospitals and commercial buildings where security, durability and low maintenance are required and expense is a factor. The part number is MC61P-001-SC.26D

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Ilco® IC Cores & Housings

Product From Kaba Ilco Corp.

Manage Inventory and still have the product you need!

With Ilco® IC Cores and Housings, you have what you need, when you need it. 

Get over 100 variations with Ilco IC Cores, Housing and components.

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Wafer Popper Pliers #WP045

Product From Gator Tools

The ‘Wafer Popper’ will pop those stubborn or stuck wafer from cam lock right out. The tool is an easy one hand operation with a study tooth, spring loaded handle for easy operation and cushioned grips for many years of easy  comfortable use. One of the quickest ways to remove standard and staggered can lock wafers. This is your best protection from damaging cores or wafers.

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GEO Electronic Cylinder

Product From Salto Systems

The new SALTOGEO (Global Electronic Opening) electronic cylinder lock has been specially designed and developed for use on doors where normal escutcheons cannot be fitted or are not permitted. Fully integrated with the SALTO XS4 platform, SALTOGEO is a versatile, cost effective solution. Its compact size and ease of installation make it the ideal electronic locking system for almost any type of door. Whenever a cylinder is required with ANSI mortise locks, RIM locks or even with a padlock, SALTOGEO is the answer.

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E-lectroloc™ Smart, Programmable Locking System

Product From Highfield Manufacturing Company

Highfield Manufacturing Company extends its e-lectroloc™ smart, programmable locking system line to include padlocks, puck locks and T-handle core locks.  These new locks are designed to help end users control access to their facilities and protect critical assets in a wide range of institutions and industries, such as rail, trucking, utility, maintenance, delivery, gaming and vending.   

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S Series Padlocks

Product From Master Lock Co.

Master Lock® Safety Solutions™ has introduced the S-series padlock line, an all-new line of aluminum safety padlocks specifically designed for safety lockout/tagout purposes.

To promote the new S-series line, Master Lock Safety has released a new

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